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 Solar Eruptions and the Self A Breaking Apart, and Remaking

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Solane Star
Co-Conscious with Oneness
Co-Conscious with Oneness

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PostSubject: Solar Eruptions and the Self A Breaking Apart, and Remaking   Fri Nov 12, 2010 2:15 am

Molly Hall
Solar Eruptions and the Self
A Breaking Apart, and Remaking
From Michael Erlewine

Some of you have questions as to how this infusion of solar plasma into our innermost self will manifest or be detected. That’s a good question, so let’s go over it. First of all this is very, very subtle stuff. By subtle I don’t mean we are not smart enough to get it, but rather that we may not have enough awareness right now to be… AWARE of what has happened. Why? Because we are somewhat overwhelmed by the solar information. Remember this information remakes our sense of self, not just the northern lights or some radio interference.

Perhaps the best way to get a handle on it is to think back a day or so and get a fix on what your mind was like then and where you thought you were headed, as in: where WERE you headed two days ago?

Once you remember that, now ask yourself the same question tonight. Where are you headed? And has anything changed?

When a sudden infusion of solar information overwhelms our critical faculties, kind of overflowing our normal measurement tools, we can find ourselves quite easily at loose ends, struggling to remember where it was we were so surely headed only a day or two before. This is a typical example of where a flood tide of deep information may leave us. And this happens all the time, but not usually in such a dramatic way as this burst. If we rest our mind and don’t strain it, we should be able to see the change between yesterday’s mind and today’s mind, as in: there was a change.

What was crystal clear then may find us in a bit of a fog now and hard pressed to explain it. Or our head may be pounding. In a word, we have been disoriented and it may take us a day or two to acclimatize and re-set our sails in whatever direction now makes sense to us. We literally have to regroup, reorient ourselves in what can appear as somewhat of a new situation, and find an attitude that can take or hold up to whatever the new breeze is providing.

And where we were clear before, we may be foggy now or feel like our head is all jammed up with something that obviously it will take time for us to sort through. If we panic, it only makes it worse, so the best advice I know is relax, pick up the pieces, rearrange them into a plan, and put that new plan to work. Forget about the old plan of a few days ago, although I am sure for most of us they will end up similar, subject to whatever deep change within us dictates.

I apologize if this is too abstract and I am asking you here not so much to think about it, as to take a look at where you are right now in relation to what I have written. Are you aware of it? And if so, how are you taking it?

It is like the solar blast blew our concept of our Self into a million pieces and now we are trying to pick them up and come up with a half-decent image of our self again. It goes a long way toward proving that the Buddhist concept of the self as having no true (permanent) existence is in fact true. After any implosion or radiation of solar or cosmic data it is normal to be popped out of our day-to-day groove, right out of the box, and to lose control of our more orderly self.

We can explain by saying we are upset, overwhelmed with input, just busy, or however we want to explain it, but that natural fact is that our self got a bit blasted and we are trying to glue all the pieces back in place. The image seen in many sci-fi movies of the android-whatever being blown to pieces and then somehow regenerating itself, but not entirely successfully comes to mind here. We come out different. If we look close, we can see how the self is something we literally put together however we can. It is our supermarket basket of stuff that we are wheeling around.

Ok. That is enough for now. My apologies to those of you who find this too far out. For the rest, what are you experiencing?

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Solane Star
Co-Conscious with Oneness
Co-Conscious with Oneness

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PostSubject: Re: Solar Eruptions and the Self A Breaking Apart, and Remaking   Wed Jan 12, 2011 5:35 pm

Cool Just wanted to BUMP this ONE UP abit, good re-MIND-er Like a Star @ heaven Wink Like a Star @ heaven
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Insightful Scribe
Insightful Scribe

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PostSubject: Re: Solar Eruptions and the Self A Breaking Apart, and Remaking   Thu Jan 13, 2011 10:23 pm

I am aware of it and definitely feeling it.

Wow...this could be like a written explanation of my past few days. Things come out of seemingly nowhere and suddenly I am back on shifting sands but not so much displaced as just being and seeing where it will all rearrange and take me to...a fine example of such is something that happened last night. I have a fear of toads and frogs. I also have a big hole at the bottom of my wooden back door and live in the Australian bush and it has been the wettest summer in almost a century so prime breeding conditions for the little hoppers. Last night, I was at the computer in the living room which is in a corner. A huge green frog came in under the door and my son was trying to get it out for me but no matter which way he guided it, it kept hopping straight at me. Now this was no ordinary green frog - it was almost black and it did resemble a mixture of a toad and a frog - something that was not lost on me or my psyche. I jumped up on the chair and screamed. At first I rationalised that my son would get it away but as it came closer and closer and seemed to zero in on my position, my screams became hysterical and I had the most vivid flashbacks to my childhood and being locked outside the house in the dark when I was only three or four and all these cane toads and frogs hopping on me. I couldn't get inside to escape and it terrified me...then I recalled all through childhood living in houses that were surrounded by bushland and always having toads and frogs in epic numbers around me. In real time up on that chair I was trapped in a corner with no escape from the frog coming my way...well, luckily my daughter came to the rescue and picked it up and put it outside but not before I hyperventilated and had a full blown asthma attack and panic attack. It took me ages to calm down and during that time, I relived the similarity to being trapped and abused at human hands as a child as well and how similar the terror of not being able to escape was to the frog incident and the being locked outside incident from childhood. To help me recover, my kids gave me a massage and my back was riddled with hot spots and pain released from the cells within. I know that a major chunk of missing information was activated by that one experience last night and it has changed who I am from yesterday. I believe it was tied in with the solar eruptions and the breaking up of the self and the realignment afterward. I have not until this point fully understood my fear of frogs in particular nor how it relates to the abuse in my life or the resulting intimacy issues. Now I do. These solar eruptions for me have been a clarifying and cleansing process. They are the pebbles being thrown into the pond of our consciousness and the ripples resulting are helping us to find hidden parts of ourselves and integrate them into a slightly different version of ourselves. It is subtle and yet so important.

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PostSubject: Re: Solar Eruptions and the Self A Breaking Apart, and Remaking   

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Solar Eruptions and the Self A Breaking Apart, and Remaking
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