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 Full Moon in Taurus Urgent and Weighty

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Solane Star
Co-Conscious with Oneness
Co-Conscious with Oneness

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PostSubject: Full Moon in Taurus Urgent and Weighty   Mon Nov 22, 2010 3:27 am

Full Moon in Taurus
Urgent and Weighty
By Molly Hall,

Philip Nealy/Getty Images

Here's the Full Moon Chart, exact:

•Monday, November 22nd at 4:27 am, Sydney, Australia
•Sunday, Nov 21st at 7:27 pm, Johannesburg, South Africa
•Sunday, Nov 21st at 5:25 pm, London, UK
•Sunday, Nov 21st at 12:27 pm New York/est
•Sunday, Nov 21st at 9:27 am San Franciso/pst

Full and 'On the Verge'

I heard someone say it seems as if the world is holding its breath. And with the Sun Scorpio and Moon Taurus in the anaretic degrees -- the last ones -- this sense is amplified. Brit astrologer John Wadsworth waxes poetic on the 'saturation point' of yin energy, in his Full Moon Video Blog.

Wadsworth reminds us we are tying up the affairs of these signs, in their last degrees -- 29 degrees. The Full Moon illumines and reveals. Some of what we've wrestled with, down and dirty with the 'shadow nature' can find resolution. All this shifts Monday with the Sun's move into sunny Sagittarius. That's when the yang light flickers, and gets us moving and questing again.

Seeds of Light

It's been a time of the underworld for many, digging deeper to find what's true and real. The stripping and healing process can be painful, but it releases incredible amounts of energy. If we look with Scorpio x-ray vision, we see the energetic dynamics -- like what has a hold on us, what we're snagged on, what parts of the self are dying for expression. What invisible webs do we weave -- like the spider -- that shape our inner and outer worlds.

These "shadow realities" show us in soul messages, what is to be done to live more abundantly. Jupiter going direct in Pisces turns up the volume of these messages. And together with Uranus (the awakener), Jupiter is sextile the Moon and trine the Sun. The Full Moon then is sure to snap, crackle and pop with growth, as those seeds of compressed energy are released.

Be Alert to Doors Flinging Open

I think most people realize we're in the midst of a breakdown. As author Marianne Williamson said today, "Don't be concerned that things appear to be falling apart: this has to happen in order for something new and wonderful to emerge."

I like Dr. Mercola's advice to make health a priority through this transition. The Taurus-Scorpio axis in fixed signs asks us to get a grip, make the most of what you've got, be resourceful.

It's not just about having material resources, but also spiritual-psychic too. If you sense turbulence ahead, it's time to connect with your core strength. Part of this is rooting out those places where we know we're living out of balance -- kicking dependencies that suck resources, and becoming more self-sufficient with your energy.

Taurus and Scorpio are signs of control and conserving energy for when it'll go farthest and have the biggest impact. The probing sight hones in on psychic or emotional predators. It's a great time for decisive cleansing of bad influences, or those that play on your fears. You then are able to build up your own emotional reservoir, for your own use. And make room for simple contentment.

And when we see how Jupiter-Uranus, the break through planets, are a springboard, it's wise to be alert to unexpected opportunities. To close up areas where we're leaking and dissipating our energies, so we can feel that concentration, and be empowered by it. Gaining power by having healthy boundaries, and cutting unhealthy emotional cords. From daring to live more authentically, come new allies. From digging deeper into resources at hand, you find buried treasures.

The Extra-Ordinary

Mercury and Mars are in fiery Sagittarius, for super fast and vigorous dot-connecting. Can you really move so quickly, and act on these realizations? If our feet seem heavy, we're inspired by others who are moving into this new rhythm. If you do it, I'll do it too! Let's see what we can create right now, spontaneously. We got a boost from Jupiter and Venus this week, as they went direct. They remind us to seek out what's enlivening, and be sure to share it with those we love.

The quantum fast track we're on works best when you're rooted in your own power. At the Full Moon, the Taurus-Scorpio axis reveals the frames we're working in. Is it a life structure flexible enough to shapeshift with the times? These dancing mutable energies, with Mars-Mercury in square to Jupiter-Uranus invite us to make space for change. To feel the freedom of knowing we can act on the impulses that guide us forward.

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Solane Star
Co-Conscious with Oneness
Co-Conscious with Oneness

Posts : 2152

PostSubject: Re: Full Moon in Taurus Urgent and Weighty   Mon Nov 22, 2010 4:15 am

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Solane Star
Co-Conscious with Oneness
Co-Conscious with Oneness

Posts : 2152

PostSubject: Re: Full Moon in Taurus Urgent and Weighty   Mon Nov 22, 2010 4:47 am

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PostSubject: Re: Full Moon in Taurus Urgent and Weighty   

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Full Moon in Taurus Urgent and Weighty
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