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 New Moon in Sagittarius Setting Your Sights

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PostSubject: New Moon in Sagittarius Setting Your Sights   Sun Dec 05, 2010 5:13 pm

New Moon in Sagittarius
Setting Your Sights
Molly Hall,

•Monday, December 6th at 4:36 am, Sydney, Australia
•Sunday, December 5th at 5:36 pm, London, UK
•Sunday, December 5th at 12:36 pm New York/est
•Sunday, December 5th at 9:26 am San Franciso/pst

Your Vision

The luminaries (Sun and Moon) are in fiery Sagittarius for this fresh start. The New Moon in Sagittarius at 13 degrees, brings burning impressions to the psyche. These hint at a future destination -- watch closely for one that rings true to your soul.

Sagittarius is about fusion without knowing how it happens. Dots get connected, and what you're aware of fuses into a focused intention. And it's about being loyal to your own sense of what's true.

When you trust your instincts, life becomes an adventure, and one where new information expands you, rather than overwhelms you. Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius reminds us that life can always be New, because there's always more to learn and experience.

Trusting Life

Sagittarius is a joyful sign that tends to risk, because of a trust in how life is unfolding. Let the New Moon revive your faith! One path to trust is asking for guidance and waiting for the signs.

At Conscious Media Network this month, there's a timely discussion about calling on angels and expecting synchronicity. Naturopathic doctor and author Jean Slatter talks of hiring the heavens, for help with specific goals. This puts you in dialogue with helping allies, in a way that's fun, where no need is too small. This takes the parking spot goddess a step further, to the concept of hiring a celestial staff -- personal trainer, style consultant, travel agent and so on.

This got me thinking of how we could ask for a specialist for certain astrological transits, or to draw out the energies of a underutilized gift in our charts. If you're wanting the power of an elemental (fire, earth, air or water), call on an angel that's a master of that energy. This could especially help if you're missing grounding (earth), inspiration (fire), emotional connection (water) or clarity (ideas).

This New Moon in Sagittarius can remind us that our spiritual life doesn't have to be heavy. But if you're in the dark night, call on comforting angels. I felt their arms around me once in my darkest hour, and I know they're closer than we think they are. And with this lunation in the sign of friends, we can be energized by the muses and angelic company now. Let's create our own experiment in divine intervention!

Big Picture

This is a magic moment of seeing into the structure of everything in your life. Mercury the messenger is in weighty Capricorn, and at the New Moon is aligned with all-knowing Pluto. Make the most of this revelatory moment, by quieting the chatter.

Spend time with people who can handle the truth. This is key, since the frenetic energies afoot now give us a zillion ways to be distracted, or stay in fear. The sextile from Venus Scorpio to this Mercury-Pluto conjunction guides us instinctively to those we can be real with.

Prepare for Launch

In some ways, this month's energies lighten our load for lift off in January (4th) for the third Jupiter-Uranus conjunction. We're asked to shake off what's become limiting, so we can soar and get excited about the future. Uranus goes direct later on the day of the New Moon. This can accelerate the currents of growth, in the area you choose to aim your focus toward.

It's one of waking up and coming together with those that 'vibe' on your same frequency. Your own consciousness is your treasure, and it leads you to like minds and hearts. It's harder to "hang" with those that are out of synch.

The New Moon can inspire us to step through a door, and seek out those that resonate. That word is overused, but can be like music, and sound. Is it a harmony -- does it make a resounding vibration? Or is it somehow off-key, and harsh to the spirit?

Discernment Leads to Stability

Saturn Libra is sextile both luminaries, to further activate the desire to live with integrity, and in line with our ideals. This helps in being discerning with what we read, hear, see. Saturn is the planet of dedication, commitment. And this New Moon is a stunner for consecrating yourself -- making sacred -- your commitment to your own highest truth.

It's not the easiest path in this time of chaos, but Saturn's discipline is there to draw from. Did we not ask to be part of this incredible moment in time? Perhaps this New Moon can re-invigorate the idea that it's an adventure. And Saturn's presence at the New Moon, adds to its potency as one for deeply internal, but very animated soul journeying.


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New Moon in Sagittarius Setting Your Sights
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