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 Mercury Direct, But Still Roaming

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Mercury Direct, But Still Roaming Empty
PostSubject: Mercury Direct, But Still Roaming   Mercury Direct, But Still Roaming Icon_minitimeThu Dec 30, 2010 2:52 pm

Molly Hall
Mercury Direct, But Still Roaming
Wednesday December 29, 2010

Mercury stations direct soon in the sign of the seeker and traveler Sagittarius at 19 degrees. Go easy on yourself if you're all mixed up, and trust that the pieces will form new pictures in the days ahead.

Mercury will be inspiring energizing 'ah-has' as it moves forward the later degrees of Sagittarius until the 14th. The fusion of thought threads are possible, that then alter your big picture view. Make the most of it by giving yourself mental freedom to explore, question, and experience first hand. For the alert, it's a time of synapses firing, and a great expansion of possibilities.

I like this image because Capricorn rules bones, and Mercury's retrograde has had us rethinking the bones, the seemingly solid structures holding up our lives. Many of the sure things are not looking so solid these days. The retrograde is a time of rethinking, to consider innovations, and fresh approaches. To be flexible and adapt to drastically changing social conditions. And even to frame it as an adventure.

Mercury will be moving into earthy Capricorn on the 14th, then move out of direct shadow on the 19th at 6 degrees. Only then will Mercury be moving into new ground. 'Til then, we get another look at what's been reviewed during this retrograde. Let it be a time of swift adjustments, and strengthening of the bones that support you.

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Mercury Direct, But Still Roaming
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