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 Taking Heart, into Neptunian Weekend

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Solane Star
Co-Conscious with Oneness
Co-Conscious with Oneness

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PostSubject: Taking Heart, into Neptunian Weekend   Sat Jan 08, 2011 2:00 pm

Molly Hall
Taking Heart, into Neptunian Weekend
Friday January 7, 2011

Today's Sun-Square aspect leading into a Neptunian weekend reminds me of an ongoing dialogue I'm having -- within myself -- about finding ways to overcome the heavy inertia of our times. The escape routes are there (via innovation, the imagination, mystic portals), but this square intensifies any conflicts with authority, and can be discouraging.

Growing up with this aspect in my birth chart, I dealt with a critical, you could say abusively so, parent. Church and school felt very punitive and I retreated ever deeper into my Cancerian carapace. The harshness I felt coming at me, became internalized as self-hatred, and a paralyzing fear of simply being who I am (Sun).

My friend and colleague Denise Dee also has this killjoy aspect natally. On her Soulstrology Facebook page, she writes, "Today Saturn is squaring the Sun asking you to take a look at - who in your family/past have killed your faith in yourself and your enthusiasm? And what will it take for you to begin not only believing in your dreams but to manifest them."

The Sun-Square aspect can feel like being stuck between a rock and a hard place. With Sun in Capricorn, square to Saturn Libra, somethings got to give. It can bring you out of inertia, as a force to push through the frustration.

This weekend, with its well aspected Pisces Moon, can be a time to experiment with your power to create -- via the imagination. And to find your faith in that power. In her book, Path of Empowerment, Barbara Marciniak writes, "The key to solving the great planetary crisis you face lies in the compassionate recognition that humanity has essentially developed a collective fear of the power to create."

This could be a weekend of breaking through that early conditioning and fears that keep your gifts from fully coming out. The first step is dealing with fear, so you can tune in to the more subtle nuances available in the psychic landscape and dreamworld. This is an ideal few days to mine that infinite resource for your own encouragement, the path of heart.

Ideas: Drawing, dancing, singing or acting out your fears; Flex the muscles of your own imagination, rather than going for passive entertainment; Pray and ask for guidance as you move through the day; Embodied mystical practices like yoga - here's one I'm doing called Heart Yoga:

Awaken to the Joy of Living. Like a Star @ heaven Wink Like a Star @ heaven

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Insightful Scribe
Insightful Scribe

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PostSubject: Re: Taking Heart, into Neptunian Weekend   Sun Jan 09, 2011 10:23 pm

Inertia...there's an apt description. I like how this post talks about escaping it through our mind portals. I have to admit that my secret weapon to breaking through inertia is to get inside my head and dream my way out. Creativity breaks up the stagnant energy that seems to hold me fast like vines around my ankles...and yet there is a fear about indulging in this mental teleporting due to early conditioning which teaches us that using our imagination is 'nonsense' and not a valuable asset.

I have to say that as I grow older, I am finding the ability to tap into the imagination to be indispensable. Afterall, where else does creativity spring from other than what we can imagine? How can we relax and escape the accumulated stress of life if we don't relax and play? Who decided these things are for children only? A child sees possibilities not limitations...well not until a grown up conditions it into them. It's a horrible manipulation of a natural mechanism that saves us from becoming hopeless and robotic.

What keeps us from expressing the inner child? Fear. Failure to Enjoy All Realities. Go on - start imagining - daydream. I dare you! tongue

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Taking Heart, into Neptunian Weekend
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