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 Ophiuchus, "Celestial Medicine Man"

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Ophiuchus, "Celestial Medicine Man" Empty
PostSubject: Ophiuchus, "Celestial Medicine Man"   Ophiuchus, "Celestial Medicine Man" Icon_minitimeSat Jan 15, 2011 5:26 pm

Molly Hall
Ophiuchus, "Celestial Medicine Man"
Friday January 14, 2011

The emergence of Ophiuchus into the public eye has taken astrologers by surprise, and evoked many different responses. Uranus rules astrology, and Jupiter is there to cause great excitement (or exaggeration) in the last degrees of Pisces. I find this meaningful since Uranus/Jupiter together shake us out of our established ways of thinking, and Pisces has to do with the illusions of time.

The Pisces way of knowing alerts us that we live in a dynamic symbolic universe. And in some ways, the Tropical Zodiac is a shared metaphoric illusion that works because of the energy we give it. This gets into trippy discussions about how the universe is a hologram that changes as our perception of reality changes. In the words of Melody Scott Zindell today, "Both systems work. Just a different facet on our holographic reality. Both systems resonate with an individual because there is always the synchronicity of resonant energies regardless, for those open minded enough to feel into it."

Jupiter/Uranus in these last degrees of Pisces can open us to other kinds of knowing, for a fusion of the intellect and intuition. Interestingly, today there's an article in Natural News with its telling title, Big Picture Thinking Trumps Narrow Minded Expertise. The Pisces kind of knowing includes promptings from unknown sources, that some call Universe itself.

For example, last night I reached for a book called Unplugging the Patriarchy to pick up where I left off months ago. To my surprise, there was the image of the caduceus -- two entwined snakes around a staff, used by the medical profession as the symbol of healing. The author Lucia Rene writes of snakes as symbols of the power of the Sacred Feminine, wisdom, and the kundalini life force coiled at the base of the spine.

And then this morning, I came across Elizabeth Jones' article Ophiuchus, The "Sign" of Things to Come" in which she expands on the significance of its emergence now. Since Jupiter and Uranus both send us on quantum leaps into the future, I find that an apt title.

With Pisces, we touch our immortality by experiencing the divine self that transcends time. The archetype of Ophiuchus, named in this article, the "Celestial Medicine Man," is linked to Aesculapius in Greek myth. As this article explains, King James I of England (who ruled in the 1600s) called Ophiuchus "a mediciner after made a god," for never losing a patient. From the article, "The association with a serpent may have come from the belief that, by shedding its skin, it is rejuvenated."

The idea of shedding skin, like the snake, conjures the death and rebirth process. And the awareness that we never really die, just slip in and out of time. I don't know there is all leading. No, your Sun sign didn't change overnight. But it'll be interesting to see if Ophiuchus persists in making his presence known. And the impact it has on our different Zodiacs, and ways of finding patterns in time.

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Ophiuchus, "Celestial Medicine Man"
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