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 Mercury Finally Leaves the Shadow

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PostSubject: Mercury Finally Leaves the Shadow   Wed Jan 19, 2011 3:25 pm

Molly Hall
Mercury Finally Leaves the Shadow
Tuesday January 18, 2011

And what a journey it's been. Mercury's retrograde started December 10th, at 5 degrees Capricorn, and moved swiftly back into visionary Sagittarius. Now, Mercury is direct, and at that 5 degree point, so it will be emerging from direct shadow. What's been on your mind?

Capricorn is about legacies, ancestral lines, and what's valued in society. And I've heard more than a few parents and grandparents talking about what kind of future the children will have, based on our choices today. Mercury Capricorn is the least likely to fall into the trap of blind optimism. And it gave us a chance to question conventional wisdom. To review where that's taking us.

The cosmic timing saw Mercury retrograding into Sagittarius through the traditional family holiday season. It was a chance to compare notes about this extraordinary time, and what's been learned about the changes. As Mercury moved back into Capricorn, the vision could be recalibrated based on these new realizations.

I chose the image of the owl, since Mercury is aligned with Pluto now, for rare sight. You can be particularly persuasive, and what you say can lay the groundwork for a new reality-based plan. It has staying power.

The owl, with its power to see in the dark, is in flight. This is to celebrate the unconventional wisdom coming through now. "Accept your genius and say what you think." -- a timely quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson. There's a touch of freedom in the air, to soar beyond the tried and not-so-true planes of thought.

The Full Moon in Cancer (19th) is a very psychic time, and with lunar trines to Jupiter and Uranus, the intuition is supernatural. Already I'm seeing more picking up of other people's thoughts. It can create a sense of awe -- we are all becoming more psychic.

A theme here can be, how do we use these emerging gifts of awareness, to resolve the urgent challenges we're looking at day-to-day. An example can be redefining money, and expanding your view of how to meet your needs. This is one I'm working on. It's a reconsideration of money, and that the energy can take many forms -- help, a piece of artwork, a massage. It's a merging of the Capricorn-Pisces energies, which form a sextile. It's an experiment in creating flow by acting on the generosity of the heart. Maybe this is what I've learned on my Mercury retrograde vacation....

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Mercury Finally Leaves the Shadow
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