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 Many Ways to Be Powerful

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PostSubject: Many Ways to Be Powerful   Many Ways to Be Powerful Icon_minitimeWed Jan 26, 2011 4:02 pm

Molly Hall
Many Ways to Be Powerful
Tuesday January 25, 2011

Many Ways to Be Powerful Wolf

The forceful thrust of Aries is strong this year. First Jupiter (Jan 22), then Uranus (March 11) goes into Aries, activating individual will power, and the combined will of all, to Be the momentum for a new beginning.

Aries is instinctual, making 2011 a year to move with the power of what Mayan leader Ac Tah calls savage essence. It's a natural force that begins it all, the sparking fire.

There are formidable counter and balancing forces in play, too, making it a year to be strategic with your directed energy. I heard another futurist say we all need to be a little cunning. This means knowing what you're up against, and being alert for the right timing.

Jupiter going into cardinal Aries, is a taste of things just around the corner. When you consider that Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury, it brings home the concept of Big Mind. Uranus Aries is the power of the creative spark catching like wildfire through the Big Mind. An example would be a spontaneous uprising of ideas and excitement.

Since Uranus Aries is the lit up mind, in direct engagement with the world (no filter), it's a good time to look at what draws your mind's eye. For example, online, is your mind being directed toward dazzling images or news drama? It's worth looking at whatever vies for your attention. Where attention goes, energy flows! Your power consolidates when you come back to an authentic, unfiltered engagement with what's happening around you.

What unique instincts does your Sun sign embody. And how does your sign express its power? Some signs are more strategic than others, but all have their path of power.

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Many Ways to Be Powerful
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