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 Time to Choose Life as Adventure

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PostSubject: Time to Choose Life as Adventure   Time to Choose Life as Adventure Icon_minitimeSat Feb 19, 2011 3:17 am

Molly Hall
Time to Choose Life as Adventure
Friday February 18, 2011

There are two kinds of light - the glow that illumines, and the glare that obscures. James Thurber

Since I last posted, there have been two more M-class flares (at 9:55 and 13:03 UTC), to add fiery effect to the Full Moon in Leo. The Sun is Leo's ruler, and appears to be waking up, and staying awake!

There's also a geomagnetic storm now in progress from the steady flaring, including the X (the highest) launched on Valentine's Day. Besides the physical symptoms, there's a searing light now exposing all that's been hidden. I'm hearing and seeing that a lot that's been in the shadows is rising to be seen, both in myself and others.

From Seattle astrologer Mahala Gayle, "There are photons coming to earth from an X class flare. This energy will hit the earth sometime tonight. Regulus lines up with the Sphinx. When this energy hits earth we will move to zero point energy, the age of magic and miracles. I'm not saying that everything will be great after tonight because the dark is still being pulled out to the light and sometimes this causes a lot of trauma."

On that note, medical astrologer Eileen Nauman will be on Debra Clement's Blogtalk Show on the 20th discussing The Astrology of Shock and Trauma, and how to heal from it. She'll cover, in beginner's language, "The astrology of trauma, abuse and PTSD signatures in a person's chart."

At the same time, the Leo Full Moon gives us a big dose of courage, to see this all as an adventure. We are at a crossroads -- out of fear, to hold tight to the familiar. Or to surrender to the change upon us, and choose the path of experiment, risk, creativity and adventure. The dramas rising now, and being acted out with intensity, are not meant to be a long-running show.

Leo rules theatricality, and grand expression. If you're very animated, and going big with your drama, see what's there for you to know and integrate, and let it go. Each of us needs to sharpen our instincts and discernment, to find the authentic edge, not the faux one that's based on old ideas of who we are.

It's a time for intense discernment, and finding the anchor within, instead of looking for external markers. The noise of illusion, in this age of deception is growing louder and with as many flashing lights as a carnival sideshow. The presence of Neptune in the last degrees of Aquarius, reminds us to watch what catches our focus. "As thought goes, energy flows," as it's said. There are so many traps now, of deception, that can keep you locked in place. A key is knowing your own triggers, and being disciplined about finding your calm center in the day.

Dr. Christine Page MD has been on of my teachers, and her book, 2012 and the Galactic Center, begins with this choice each of us are making in this extraordinary time. Her own spiritual guide said many would choose to stay locked in the old dramas, out of fear. But a few would accept the call, to claim the power to create with the divine heart (the galactic center). The first step is finding your way beyond the fear. Then spiritually fortify yourself to stay at your edge, dying to the old and being born anew, with each wave of fresh energies coming our way.

"For what is it to die, But to stand in the sun and melt into the wind?" Kahlil Gibran

This Full Moon is a chance to go beyond your known boundaries, by resolving to let go of fixed beliefs about who you are, and what's possible. There can be a wistful sense of loss, or fear to lose your known psychic markers. But simultaneously, there's a celebration in being alive at this remarkable time, to feel the freedom of release, and thrill of who you are becoming.

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Time to Choose Life as Adventure
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