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 2012 and the Galactic Center

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2012 and the Galactic Center Empty
PostSubject: 2012 and the Galactic Center   2012 and the Galactic Center Icon_minitimeSat Feb 19, 2011 4:02 am

2012 and the Galactic Center

Molly Hall

This must-have book on 2012 by Christine Page frames the coming alignment, and what we're experiencing Now, as a journey to the Source. It's a return to direct communion with the Divine Feminine. Page offers wisdom about how to encounter this great death and rebirth mystery, and what her sage says, a dissolving of what we've known. The story of this spiraling into the dark is told using the ancient myths of the Moon, and the Zodiac as the Hero's journey. Page encourages us to see this time as a chance to be light bearers of a brand new creative cycle.


•It speaks to both the heart and mind, as a divinely inspired work.

•The focus on the feminine takes us to the essence of the cyclical aspect of 2012.

•It's a work that honors the feminine as creative force.

•Doesn't overwhelm with technical details about the Mayan calendar.

•She's a "mystic-physician" and honors the messages of the body, also a very feminine perspective.


•I wish it came with a CD, with meditations (perhaps it's in the works).


•The heart of the Galactic Center is shown as a mirror of the human heart, and the "transformer" to see us through.

•Page writes about the "hidden knowledge" to attain immortality, illustrated with myths of the ancients.

•She covers the sacred sites of the Great Mother, with icons like the Celtic Sheela-na-gig, showing the yoni as portal.

•Page describes the Sacred Marriage of the masculine (focus) and feminine (force), to bring our dreams to fruition.

•There's great info on the lunar cycle, the Moon's nodes, and how they shape our character and destiny.

•She covers the astrological ages, and how it fits in with what's happening today.

•The essence of each Zodiac sign is explored, as a point on the path of evolving consciousness.

•It describes the process of transforming to "build the light body that will transport us to the next level."

•She writes of own experience of meeting other Selves (past lives), as well along with her connection to the "star people."

•From CP: It is time to Remember who you are! You are an amazing immortal, multidimensional being You are a creative genius.

Guide Review - 2012 and the Galactic Center

This book leapt out at me on the store shelf, and I got an undeniable Charge of This is it! I know when that happens, it's the Next Big Thing for my own growth. It's been challenging (in a good way) to read, because it's a real perception alterer. We're invited to see that we're eternal beings at the end of a 26,000 year cycle. As we near 2012, there's a quickening process, with the chance to glean the gems of our eternal Selves. Sounds intense...and yet, it resonates with a deep inner knowing. She writes about unity or Christ consciousness, the rise of the Sacred Feminine, and the fusion of Duality. These give the book a "full circle" feel; that we've been prepared for this moment, as consciousness has changed.

She illustrates this process with stories, we strengthen the Ka, or light body, as Jesus did, and we become immortal. She weaves in threads from alchemy, past lives, astrology, the shamanistic vision of the Mayans and the images of the Great Mother. She has distilled a whole lot of ancient wisdom here, in a way that invites elevation of consciousness in the reading of it.

It begins with Page as a seeker in the desert; a wise sage there invites her to see that we're being drawn closer to the heart of the cosmos. He tells her All dreams and ideas arise from a primal source often described as the Great Mother or ocean of possibilities, and it is to here that our creations will return eventually to fulfill their destiny.

It's an encounter with the Dark Goddess and the death aspect of the cycle. But there's also the promise of growing into who we're meant to be, through conscious creation, healing, and being in the Now. This book inspires the reader to remember and learn from the many Selves across time. It helps to see the End of the World as a dramatic, momentous part of an eternal cycle.

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2012 and the Galactic Center
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