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 Watery Mercury & Saturn Libra

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Watery Mercury & Saturn Libra Empty
PostSubject: Watery Mercury & Saturn Libra   Watery Mercury & Saturn Libra Icon_minitimeFri Feb 25, 2011 2:51 am

Molly Hall
Watery Mercury & Saturn Libra
Thursday February 24, 2011

It takes a mighty mind to stay on task these days. I'm sure I'm not the only one that goes off the rails a dozen times a day, despite my best intentions. With my water sign Mercury (Cancer), moods that roll in cause me to suddenly forget what I was doing two minutes ago.

Music is a biggie, and I'll spend hours listening to one song, in its many variations on the 'net. Right now, Mercury is in Pisces, for absorbing imaginative experiences. They are more than trains of thought -- they're atmospheres! But talk about a short attention span -- where was I? Who cares? The human imagination is a powerful thing, because the subconscious experiences everything as real.

Dreaming the day away can be productive sometimes, but other times you have that nagging sense that it's all fluff, and no substance. The balance is ending the day with that satisfying sense of accomplishment, and that you used your time well. And that's where Saturn Libra can help.....

I'm having some time management epiphanies, largely thanks to Saturn Libra giving my moody Sun-Mercury in Cancer a good talking to. If you're a Cancer or have Cancer sign planets, Saturn in this square (at some point in the transit), can help with objectivity. We Cancers are notoriously subjective, and Saturn Libra offers a view from the outside. It's the chance to see beyond the personal emotional reality. You can see where falling into a mood is self-indulgent, and where it takes you into rich emotional dimension.

Saturn Libra can show us where to invest our time, so there's a balance. The Saturnian discipline is set, with the aid of clarity of thought -- Libra's sword of illumination. My time management epiphany means more articles for you on the basics -- signs, houses, transits, aspects.

More time on the foundation means fewer blog posts and Facebook, though I will be checking in there at least once each day. At the same time, I'll be sharing any inspirations and ideas about the urgent shifts of our time. If you're a regular reader of this site, you know my main fascination is with the phenomenon of consciousness. And the way we're bound to, and a part of, the forces of the universe.

As I approach the four year mark, this is a promise that I'm committed to balancing out this site, and making it more user-friendly. I'm also planning a teen section, and more on Tarot. Feel free to contact me with ideas about what you'd like to see at

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Watery Mercury & Saturn Libra
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