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 Kogi Shamans with a New Warning for Earth

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PostSubject: Kogi Shamans with a New Warning for Earth   Wed Mar 02, 2011 4:18 pm

Kogi Shamans with a New Warning for Earth
Tuesday March 1, 2011

Twenty years after warning the "Younger Brothers" to stop plundering Earth, the Kogi shamans of Columbia are back. In an upcoming documentary called Aluna, viewers get a rare peak into an ancient shamanic tradition. Their message is tragically relevant, with our waterways and oceans so clearly in distress.

"You bring the end of the world closer every day, so we must show you what you cannot see. Can you be changed through your eyes?" The Mamas, their shamans tell how the world is shaped by thought -- pure consciousness. "That is Aluna."

The Kogi's warning comes by way of Ingrid Naiman's newsletter. She tells her readers, "As the Planet is ripped apart by highly toxic chemicals and the short-sighted megalomaniacal powers behind these companies, the question now is whether or not anything on this Planet survives." After viewing the trailer for Aluna, she says, there is nothing more to say.

It hits a note equal to the gravitas of the times, and shows a culture living in profound harmony with Earth. We see seeds of wisdom potent enough to work its Pluto Capricorn transformation here.

This Friday's New Moon brings together six planets in water sign Pisces (Sun-Moon-Mercury-Mars-Chiron-Uranus). It's a powerful day for divination or scrying. The Mamas connect to deep thought through the water spirit. They work with divining bowls, and then, they say, "the water speaks."


Aluna The Movie Link Click Below:
Aluna the

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Kogi Shamans with a New Warning for Earth
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