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 Inner Guidance - Can a Guruji Activate Your Inner Guidance?

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PostSubject: Inner Guidance - Can a Guruji Activate Your Inner Guidance?   Sun Mar 06, 2011 10:52 pm

Inner Guidance - Can a Guruji Activate Your Inner Guidance?
By Christine Hoeflich

The last few weeks, a number of spiritual teachers have promoted a Mr. Mahendra Trivedi (sometimes called Guruji), who claims to be able to activate people's inner guidance, among other miraculous feats.

I would not have written yet another article explaining that no one can activate your inner guidance for you but I am compelled to, as major spiritual teachers such as Ken Wilber and Deepak Chopra have endorsed this Guruji's claims. I will also explain why it is not possible for anyone, outside of yourself, to activate your inner guidance for you.

I had the privilege of listening to an online interview of Guruji Mahendra Trivedi last week. The interview was preceded by an introduction by a Trivedi Foundation spokesperson, who spent a half hour listing the wonders the Trivedi Effect ™ (an "energy transmission" performed by Mr. Trivedi) has had on crops, mango trees, humans, metals and even atoms. (Allegedly, there are 5000 scientific studies floating around on Guruji's miracles to date.)

I am not going to comment on the scientific basis of those studies (I'll leave that up to university researchers to evaluate), but I will comment on what I heard Mahendra Trivedi say in the interview.

Mahendra Trivedi claims to "shoot out this energy" that connects you to your inner guidance system. He calls this energy transmission a "blessing," and a group blessing from him will cost you $150. A blessing from Trivedi "recalibrates you with the new spiritual energy present on Earth at this time."

During the question and answer session at the end, a listener asked Trivedi, "How can I discover my higher purpose and bring in abundance?" Mahendra Trivedi responded correctly here: "Once you're connected with your inner guidance, it will show you the way." This is true. But the important point to remember is, Mr. Trivedi cannot connect you to your guidance system! No one can!

Your inner power already exists within you. It is dormant, waiting to be activated--by you. Cultivating a stronger relationship with your higher self and gaining enough confidence in that connection so that you follow through with your inner guidance consistently and in the moment is what activates that connection.

Other people can guide you; they can give you sound advice, they can give you insights, they can help you work through things--but they cannot activate your inner guidance! I can guide you on how to activate your inner guidance, I can detail the steps I took, but I cannot give you a magic bullet or do it for you. You must do it for yourself.

Why? Because your higher self would not for a million years cheat you out of the incredible experience that doing this for yourself is. Why do I know this? Because I had experienced the pain and struggle of trying to connect, the courage it takes to follow through, the level of clarity and accuracy required, and then eventually, the most awe-inspiring realizations and revelations that anyone who wishes to "graduate" to the Golden Age must experience--firsthand.

You really get to know who you are when you do this for yourself. If someone did it for you (if they could, that is), you wouldn't get to know firsthand who you really are. And your higher self will not allow this. You did not come here to this planet to struggle so long to then be cheated out of this most incredible experience. You came here to personally experience the "shift in consciousness" in full glory and detail.

Apparently, not many people have actually shown success with the Trivedi Effect ™. (I am not surprised.) Ken Wilber tempers his endorsement of Trivedi with a caveat: "This doesn't mean that this new Energy is for everyone. Guruji constantly repeats that there is just a relatively small percentage of humans that are ready for and open to it...But if there is a really strong doubt and negativity, then it doesn't surprise me that this transmission doesn't have a chance."--Ken Wilber, from his blog

But Ken, this isn't why the Trivedi Effect ™ doesn't work. Being open and ready to receive the Trivedi transmission is not what activates your inner guidance. What activates your inner guidance is cultivating a stronger relationship with your higher self, and then following through with your higher self's guidance.

Are you ready to reconnect with your higher self? Subscribe at and receive a free 7-page report on how to reconnect to and integrate with your higher self. Christine Hoeflich is the author of What Everyone Believed: A Memoir of Intuition and Awakening and Activating 2012: A Practical Guide to Navigating 2012 with Confidence and Clarity, an ebook that shifts your consciousness and gives you all the keys to finally fulfill your dreams.

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Inner Guidance - Can a Guruji Activate Your Inner Guidance?
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