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 Mercury-Pluto: Declarations of Emergency

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PostSubject: Mercury-Pluto: Declarations of Emergency   Sun Mar 13, 2011 11:06 pm

Molly Hall
Mercury-Pluto: Declarations of Emergency
Sunday March 13, 2011

It's a day when dark thoughts can be all-consuming. The Mercury to Pluto square is exact today, which can activate core fears, that feel threatening to our very survival. The big news on the world stage is the devastation in Japan, and, in line with this Mercury (Aries)-Pluto (Capricorn) square, declarations of emergency at more than one nuclear power plant.

It's stunning to me, that we could soon see the word meltdown in large font type. I don't know the true dimensions of this event, but like many, sense it goes to the heart of darkness on many levels. From the poisoning of our world, to the well-funded darkness that keeps new technologies from ever seeing the light of day.

Art Gianfermo of Aquarian Solutions, writes, "On a day when disturbing and deadly news is leaked with Mercury (Aries) in a square to Pluto (Capricorn) Note that astrologically, the nuclear process relates to Uranus and Pluto (in a cardinal square) Uranus entered Aries on March 11th @ 4:52 PM about the time that the damaged reactors hit the news."

With Mercury Aries, in this square, there's a strong independent streak, to think for yourself. The official line might be one thing, but gut instincts scream that there's more going on. Art says its wise to seek alternative sources. And I'm sure as with the Gulf, we'll soon independent sites come up that do their own testing of the air. I find it helpful to consider many sources, and use my discernment meter to avoid those that are compromised by any agenda other than public health.

Like other huge disasters, what's Not said, can hint at the grand scale that some of these orchestrations are happening. Pluto is about dark secrets coming to light, that then potentially transform everything. The biggest business of energy itself is sure to be a huge bone of contention -- cardinal Capricorn and Aries facing off -- in the years ahead. Especially, if more bright minds become aware of the suppression of New (Free) Energy Technologies that could liberate humanity.

The mind of the warrior (Mercury Aries) helps to see through the fog, and take decisive action if possible. To show some courage to make a difference, instead of going back to sleep (which is so tempting to me today). This is like a glimpse at the fight ahead, which is for our lives, and the right to be free, and ally with this Earth, rather than be estranged from it. When we are artificially uprooted from the natural world, of which we're a part, we unwittingly become agents of destruction -- perhaps this is a lesson of Pluto Capricorn.

One path of power I see is to grow wiser, about that relationship to the Earth. So today, I'll see if I can't spend time with Her here, knowing other parts of the planetary body are in extreme distress. Perhaps out of the agony of seeing all this destruction, the seeds of respect for life will be born anew, and thus a new beginning. But for today, I'll be hugging some trees and looking for the patience to listen for the guidance.

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Mercury-Pluto: Declarations of Emergency
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