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 Full Moon, then into Spring!

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Full Moon, then into Spring! Empty
PostSubject: Full Moon, then into Spring!   Full Moon, then into Spring! Icon_minitimeSun Mar 20, 2011 1:05 pm

Molly Hall
Full Moon, then into Spring!
Friday March 18, 2011

I'm wanting to be in the garden, a sure sign of Spring. And this year, it's fun to watch a pair of bluebirds move in to a new box we set up. Pretty soon, the blueberries will be popping out in the orchard. Life is good.

But like many, I'm tuned in to the bigger picture, too. Being able to breathe fresh air is not something to take for granted, in this time of toxic crisis for our planet. It's a Full Moon in Virgo this weekend, for sensitivity of the soul and senses.

Great time for a Full Moon Cleansing Ritual. So are rituals of planting seeds of the New, or allying with the Earth. It's a great time to signal dedication to something larger than yourself -- something that serves the whole.

The Full Moon (exact on Saturday, the 19th at 11:10 am Pacific/6:10 pm UT), engages the Virgo-Pisces lines of energy. And that leads in the Spring Equinox, and the Sun going into Aries on Sunday at 4:21 pm Pacific/11:21 pm UT. The enthusiasm of Spring makes it easy to set things in motion. I'm in the process of setting up as a beekeeper, partly as a way of spending more time outside.

Life bursts out within us, and in all of nature. I'm sensing the need to live with greater integrity, and will do some ritual, though it may end up being simple -- just a dialogue with myself and the elements. And I'll be doing some releasing rituals, and a tree cording mentioned by John Lash on the Feminine Mojo Show this week.

Ideas for Full Moon/Spring Equinox Weekend:

•Establish a sacred grove, secret garden, love your garden or fill your home with oxygenating house plants.

•Make time to decompress -- restorative alone time; taking a break from responsibilities, the 'net or news.

•Listen to your body, unlock its secrets, and release them. Go deep into your favorite embodied practice, like sacred dance, yoga or even simple stretching.

. Recommended:

•Pisces-Virgo Full Moon by Stephanie Gailing of Planetary Apothecary: "Pisces is associated with the feet, pineal gland, and the immune/lymphatic systems while Virgo rules the intestines and digestive system. Pay extra attention to these parts of the body around the time of this Full Moon."

•Having a Positive Relationship with Mother Earth, How to Do It, by Eileen Naumann of Medical Astrology

•, site of John Lash, with info on rituals of aligning with Gaia-Sophia, and the Vows of the Telestai, "those who are aimed."

•Medicines of Light, from sound healer Tom Kenyon, an urgent update from the Hathor's.

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Full Moon, then into Spring!
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