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 Light & Dark, Hope & Despair

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PostSubject: Light & Dark, Hope & Despair   Light & Dark, Hope & Despair Icon_minitimeSun Mar 20, 2011 11:14 pm

Molly Hall
Light & Dark, Hope & Despair
Sunday March 20, 2011

Light & Dark, Hope & Despair Sunbeam

It's Spring Equinox, when night and daylight are equal. And it's the starting point for Sun into Aries, a time of exuberant life force, busting out in nature and each of us. The Sun is endowed with herky jerky momentum, with Uranus also at the Zero point of Aries. And yet, for the Equinox, the Moon-Saturn are a counterpoint in opposite Libra. There's an equal pull toward sober consideration of all the severity of events and the magnitude of what we face.

On today's aspects, Melody Scott Zindell writes, "Sun conjunct Uranus in Aries opposite Moon conjunct Saturn retrograde in Libra could have us flip flopping between inspired energy and hopeless despair." This intense dialogue between the optimist and the naysayer is with us all of March, as we move toward another significant opposition, Saturn (Libra) and Jupiter (Aries), on the 28th.

In a teleseminar yesterday, Ellias Lonsdale described Saturn as the one that's says it's never going to work out. That it's hopeless, a total mess. On the catastrophes we're seeing, he spoke with candor saying, "We're obviously heading to Armageddon without the rapture. We're in such deep trouble. It is useless to tell the mind any other thing."

And yet, the drives we get from all this bursty Aries energy, helps us pull out courage we didn't know we had. On Jupiter in Aries, in this opposition to Saturn (march 28th, 2011), Ellias said, "The beginner, the Fool, that one in you is about to be surprised, because we are going to show ourselves in the coming year, that we're willing to meet this challenge. "

In this month (of Sun Aries), the potency of the super-charged moment helps to boost faith in the future. When you're fully awake in the moment, and not dragging the discouragements of the past, you're more dynamic, and ready to take risks that lift you out of despair. So a key to this month is staying in the moment, and seeing what's there for you, to grow into.

Ellias said there's a lot of darkness, with the grief and contraction. On this he said, "The evil and satanic is grossly empowered in our time, and arrogant." But one the other hand, using the language of Libra, he said, "as all of us demonstrate on our own frontier of the soul drive, we see that the ones who are so intent on stopping everything, somehow unwittingly serve the way the whole thing will go."

He used the word frontier, which is where Aries pushes into new ground with fierce forcefulness. Yesterday, I heard someone in the teleseminar say she's ready to 'live into the vision' she has, and use her "deeper set of eyes" to see. At the equinox, we can see how forces of light and dark within us, and 'out there,' are both part of the same grand mystery. One gives shape to the other, and give us this experience of choice, in each moment.

To celebrate the impulses of Aries, and especially higher mind (Uranus) meeting the sacred flame, check out this AMAZING Wayseer Manifesto: "Through this open doorway, divine light shines into your consciousness, showing you the way"!

•You can find out more about wizard/astrologer Ellias Lonsdale, through the site of Mark Borax, Soul-Level Astrology.


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Light & Dark, Hope & Despair
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