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 Jupiter 2011, from Aries to Taurus

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Solane Star
Co-Conscious with Oneness
Co-Conscious with Oneness

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Jupiter 2011, from Aries to Taurus Empty
PostSubject: Jupiter 2011, from Aries to Taurus   Jupiter 2011, from Aries to Taurus Icon_minitimeTue Mar 22, 2011 8:18 pm

Molly Hall
Jupiter 2011, from Aries to Taurus
Tuesday March 22, 2011

Jupiter 2011, from Aries to Taurus Redfish

This is the year when the fully lit and alive individual makes a break for it, and shines in a way that inspires others to shine too. All this wild-eyed Ariesness is a chance to shake off dumbing down, groupthink or soul-draining concepts about collectivism. It's activating what's fresh and alive, and steering us away from what puts us in a dull-eyed trance.

With Jupiter in Aries, the lifeforce that pulses in each person is leading the way. So it helps to know yourself, and what your soul drive is. And to take note of impulses that animate you. Jupiter in Aries is with us, to ignite the defiant will to live, and keep us in high spirits for the challenges ahead.

We live in a holographic universe, and your birth chart is one way to read your own energetic blueprint, and soul drive. The 2011 transit of Jupiter can show you where in your life, you're likely to sense the surge of lifeforce (Aries), and the desire to earth that passion(Taurus).

I've been overlaying it on my own chart, where it moves from the First (identity), engaging with Saturn Aries, to the Second House (of wealth, self-sufficiency). It's putting the Aries blowtorch to my self-image, so that only the essence is left. I'm feeling that old cockyness returning from waaaaay back. In my storyline here, I'm seeing how expanded ideas of who I am, can lead to greater sense of being able to share my gifts in tangible ways.

But with Jupiter Aries, keep a loose hold on these stories that come from your chart -- even this can be a limiting matrix of thought. What I do is take note of the influences, but then let it go. Jupiter Aries is about not having preconceived notions about anything, and seeing where the moment takes you. Jupiter goes into Taurus on June 4th. Here's a new article that can get you thinking about your own Aries hotspots, which can later be rounded out and rooted.

•Year with Jupiter, from Aries to Taurus

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Solane Star
Co-Conscious with Oneness
Co-Conscious with Oneness

Posts : 2152

Jupiter 2011, from Aries to Taurus Empty
PostSubject: Re: Jupiter 2011, from Aries to Taurus   Jupiter 2011, from Aries to Taurus Icon_minitimeTue Mar 22, 2011 8:24 pm

Year with Jupiter, 2011
From Aries to Taurus
Molly Hall

"Today's Mighty Oak is Just Yesterday's Nut That Held Its Ground."

Jupiter 2011, from Aries to Taurus Acornnut

Dougal Waters/Getty Images

Jupiter is in cardinal fire Aries, then moves into fixed earth Taurus on June 4th, 2011. It's a compelling astrological storyline, where today's break from the crowd, as an individual, becomes your ground to stand on. Aries means growing from your own internal cues of what's next, following that gut instinct. What bright, clear enthusiasms will be brought into being (in Aries), that are then fully fleshed out in Taurus?

What's been on my mind with this is, what planets and which house(s) are the hotspots for Jupiter's expansion? Jupiter Aries says, go for it, move out beyond your comfort zone. Break out of the trance of consensus reality. Stop deferring to others, and unfurl yourself, especially where you've played small so others don't get alarmed.

The Aries active initiation on many fronts, turns into digging deeper in, and establishing the foundation for something enduring. It's lucky Jupiter's mid-year move from Aries (the spark) to Taurus (taking root), to set in motion, then consolidate whatever you're reaching for, that's at your personal frontier. If you feel like a neophyte, join the club! Aries is the absolute beginner. There's freedom to shake off ideas about who you are, and just discover your edges through action and risk. This brings exuberant moments of saying, "I can't believe I just did that!"

Wherever Jupiter shows up, faith is restored. In Aries, it's an exciting boost for anything you've held back before, or spontaneous plans that come up and just feel right.

The fire of Aries is inspiration, and then comes the settling in of Taurus. Your personal will power gets stoked, to a degree that makes almost anything seem possible. It's the confidence to set out on your unique path. There might be a few false starts, with Jupiter in Aries, but this is part of the joy of discovery.

Tips for Jupiter Aries

•Breathe life into any dreams that have been with you since you were young.

•Dare to excel, and break away from the dullness of mediocrity, and "getting by."

•Confront voices within and without that discourage you from trying.

•Nip habits of self-sabotage in the bud.

•Dare to be driven, ambitious, animated, inspiring.

•Spend time alone, free of distractions, to tune in to your own creative impulses

Jupiter in Taurus

Jupiter's excitements are earthed in Taurus, by June 4th, and then will rendezvous with make-it-real-or-else Pluto in early July. Many have felt ungrounded by all the changes in 2011 (as of this writing March 22, 2011). As Jupiter allies with Pluto, a more solidly constructed foundation can start to take shape. Or you see more clearly what's a false bottom, and what needs to be probed deeper. As you did with Jupiter Aries "hot spots," you can see where Jupiter then moves into the firm rootedness of Taurus. Which house, and which planets are sites for expanded beauty, nourishment, earthy pleasure, accomplishment and calm?

The riches with Jupiter Taurus are found in your natural talents, and resources that serve your soul. You find big growth opportunities when you make FULL use of everything you've got. While Aries is about self-styled creativity, Jupiter in Taurus brings growth through capability, self-sufficiency, and living your values.

Tips for Jupiter in Taurus

•Gain specific skills, to go with your passion.

•Add substance to your style.

•Establish yourself firmly, from the inspirations of the first half of the year.

•Put down roots in fertile places.

•Draw the resources you need, and build from the ground up.

•Create with durability in mind, and artfulness.

•Share your gifts, in the spirit of abundance.

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Jupiter 2011, from Aries to Taurus
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