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 The Dolphins of the Gulf Have Spoken

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PostSubject: The Dolphins of the Gulf Have Spoken   Sat Mar 26, 2011 7:58 pm

Latest Message From The Dolphins In The Gulf
26 March 2011, 11:51 am

The Dolphins of the Gulf Have Spoken

I have been asked by several people about what is happening to the dolphins in the Gulf right now. With over 138 young dolphin and their mothers, that have washed up on the beaches from Louisiana to Florida, the demise of the dolphin is being seen as a significant crisis even though the closer one gets to Florida, where the Corexit was used less, there are fewer of these sightings.

For me, I would love to not focus on this, as it is so painful for me, because of my love of the dolphins and the relationship I have with the Beings in the Gulf. I did ask them if they had a message, and of course, they do!

The chemicals that were dumped into the Gulf have had a profound effect on all the wild life. I also understand, within my spirit being, there is a higher purpose in this whole situation, albeit painful to grasp. The message from the dolphin beings has made it a bit more acceptable, and so let me share with you what the baby dolphin and adult dolphin of the Gulf communicated to me.

“You, Cyndie, understand, in a very personal way, that we are interdimensional beings here on this planet, just as many other species are. We know and understand your distress with this situation and the experiences of the humans who are connected to us. We acknowledge your and their grief. We agreed to come here, and experience this event, because it will change the point of view that humanity has in its attitudes about the Oceans and Gulf waters. We choose this experience to shift humanity to look at the ways in which they use oil and pollute the waters and how they can overcome this challenge. We could, at any time, shift out of this reality into a different vibration of light, but we have chosen to show up on the beaches to sound the alarm on the state of the Gulf and what is happening not only to us, but to all humanity, as a result of this event.

As you know, on the upper levels, there are no accidents. The crisis in the Gulf is not an accident either. The state of the oceans has gone down in health for many years. We know you have seen it yourselves when you scuba dive. Humanity must shift from oil to other ways of getting energy on this worldly plane. We are calling attention to this, and will continue to wash up on the beaches and be in your news, until you understand that the survival of not only humans, but all of this planet’s life, depends upon this shift.

We serve you in love in this way. We are not ultimately harmed, as we come back quickly to another dolphin, in another place, where the water is cleaner and the ocean is still surviving. We will not disappear forever, as there are places where humanity can’t find us and we will continue to thrive. We serve as a warning sign for what is occurring to all the other beings in the Gulf. We transmute and transform energies easily, as we come and go, and we do so joyfully.

We can touch the hearts of humanity as no other being can. We also do this joyfully.
We are very aware of the state of the Gulf and we choose to ignore it, as we have a higher purpose in staying where we know the water is no longer livable. That is why we did not leave, that is why we stay now; to show and teach what we know about loving the waters and the planet, and loving and transmuting the energies and pollution that is occurring in the Gulf.

We thank you Cyndie, for allowing us to share our stories. We are asking humanity to remember, to balance their energies and their relationship with the earth, and raise their consciousness with us. Join together as you did before, to create energy links to help restore the Gulf and the Waters of Life. Join together to shift your ways of Being. Join together to create relationships with yourselves, each other, and the planet. Live from your heart as we do.

You can do it. We know you can. We hold you in the Light and in the hearts of all the whales and dolphins.”
The Dolphins of the Gulf of Mexico

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The Dolphins of the Gulf Have Spoken
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