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 Mercury Rx in Aries, "Below Red" Vision to April 23rd

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Mercury Rx in Aries, "Below Red" Vision to April 23rd Empty
PostSubject: Mercury Rx in Aries, "Below Red" Vision to April 23rd   Mercury Rx in Aries, "Below Red" Vision to April 23rd Icon_minitimeFri Apr 01, 2011 3:12 pm

Molly Hall
Mercury Rx in Aries, "Below Red" Vision to April 23rd
Wednesday March 30, 2011

Mercury's retrograde starts Wednesday (3/30), exact at 4:48 pm est if you're watching time. As some have found out, Mercury retrograde is when time itself is distorted. Mercury skips out of the matrix of sequential time and hilarity, unusual insights or misunderstandings ensue. Things don't show up when they're supposed to, like mail, or the bus/train/plane. Instead of panicking, or getting frustrated, can you be curious about this time warp?

Mercury is in fiery Aries, and retrogrades are when we perceive the fullest dimensions of a situation. We may revisit the memory bank, for times of heated intensity and inspiration. This has me thinking of infrared vision, with the meaning (with the Latin prefix "infra" or below) of "below red." Infrared is a longer frequency visible, and not usually visible, unless you have the special goggles.

This Mercury retrograde in Aries, you get special goggles, to reconsider/review/rethink what's got heat, and can be fanned into flames of inspiration. It's a time to think for yourself, instead of blindly following voices of authority. In these extreme times, when the stakes are high, your life could depend on it. The mercurial currents come alive, when wild, alive language bursts through officespeak, New Age dribble, political doublespeak, Orwellian pronouncements. This is a time when the original voice -- pulsing direct from the source -- can be reclaimed.

A word of caution, since with Aries, we're looking at thoughts that quickly detonate into action. If you're already a fiery, talk before you speak kind of person, you might want to feverishly write it in your journal first, or use it as fuel for your creativity. Watch out for misunderstandings during this time that get an extreme backlash, and sets something in motion that's hard to stop.

Miami astrologer Mark Springle told it straight on Facebook Wednesday, "Get your A-game on and don't talk smack! You WILL be sorry this time... Aries New Moon April 3rd, with Mars conjuncting Uranus in Aries. Whatever wars you start won't end anytime soon."

I've written about having Mercury Retrograde natally, and how this makes me think in collages rather than linearly. I have always struggled to communicated, feeling deeply inside my own experience, and weighing everything against what's gone before. That's where the wealth of the past can inform the present. It may take longer to talk during Mercury Retrograde, but you're drawing on your own memory bank of impressions and experiences.

You may relive times that are burned in your memory, of when you felt most alive. These can be guides to where to redirect your current focus, to something that pulses, and can be acted on. The wild tangents may end up being significant, and those you meet, if only briefly, during that layover, can change how you see things.

I see this Mercury in Aries retrograde, to April 23rd, as a powerful time to reinvigorate the mind, and burn off the persistent fog that lingers in our atmosphere. You can rediscover your instinctive knowing, and use that to see what's usually beyond your visible spectrum of light.

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Mercury Rx in Aries, "Below Red" Vision to April 23rd
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