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 Magnificent Aries New Moon !! !!

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Solane Star
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Co-Conscious with Oneness

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PostSubject: Magnificent Aries New Moon !! !!   Sat Apr 02, 2011 10:16 pm

Molly Hall
Magnificent Aries New Moon!
Friday April 1, 2011

This is going to be an extraordinary New Moon in the first sign of the Zodiac. It's a birthday, and it's Sunday the 3rd (Monday the 4th for Aussies)! And with six planets in Aries, your full presence is requested. If you stay with yourself and what's buzzing with new life, the rewards are huge.

Jupiter, the supersizer, in Aries will run with your intent, making it vital to stay out of fear/self-doubt/worry, and create openings for new growth. It's a magnificent new beginning -- your New Moon intentions are magnified.

The Dark Moon is a time of introspection, and Mercury retrograde in Aries has us seeing through the eyes of the timeless Self. Take a trip with yourself back through time, to recover that wild, original essence. When you felt most alive, and your eyes were alert and shiny. You might pull out pictures of when you were brightly engaged in what you were doing, expressing joy for life in the moment.

This innocent, brilliant young Self finds a welcoming atmosphere at the New Moon, and joins with this something greater that's pulsing through all of us now. This is where each of us can find hope for the future. It's the magnificence of our uniqueness, in its full glory, meeting up with the whole of humanity, in its big moment of expansion, freedom, reviving a lust for life.

Saturn and Pluto are upping the ante here, to test the very structures we've created in our lives. These can be deep psychic underpinnings, as with Pluto. What's been denied, buried, repressed, kept in the shadows, demands expression! It's a time for courageously being with the shadow, and letting whatever is there, live.

Saturn (in Libra) plays an oppositional role to all this combustible Aries energy. The opposition is about integrating, and finding a balance between two seemingly unreconcilable forces. In Libra, Saturn's teachings are about knowing who we are, from the reactions we get from others. And being in relationship, that instinct for balance we sense.

This can be a time of radical breaks from beings a shadow version of yourself, so you can get along with others. What happens when you anchor in your own emerging Self? This is the time to make that shift. Saturn Libra can help us be graceful about these changes. It's a relief to stop doing a dance that's been awkward or made you feel bad. There can be a great re-set this New Moon toward intensely true-to-yourself authenticity. Being real frees others to be real, too. And since this is up for us all, there's a chance for quick shifts that surprise us, where we're so real with each other.

Things really heat up, with Mars moving into its own home sign Aries today (April 1st), to be the junior spark to Uranus' society-wide currents of spontaneous busting out. At the New Moon, let it sink in, that the two fuse lighters Mars and Uranus are exactly aligned at the 1st degree of the 1st sign of the Zodiac. Absolutely, this is, the time for new beginnings, and to put all your energy into what what you want to see emerge -- from within you, and in society.

At the New Moon, it's a time of marshaling forces, and meeting the void where something unexpected can merge with what's in the here and now. You don't have to know where you're going exactly, and in fact, not knowing helps you stay flexible. The main thing is saying "Yes" to the adventure, and moving with the momentum, staying close to what has life and is true for you. Warm wishes to you on this birthday, made all the more special because we share it!

•Don't overthink it. Create a New Moon Collage, song or dance about it.

•Envision yourself in a ring of fire, to re-set any emotional or thought cords you have with others.

•Spend time in the Sun, by a fire, or with a candle.

•Pull your energy out of what's holding you in place (in a frame of mind).

Like a Star @ heaven Cool Like a Star @ heaven Astrology
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PostSubject: Re: Magnificent Aries New Moon !! !!   Sun Apr 03, 2011 4:08 pm

Solane Star wrote:

•Spend time in the Sun, by a fire, or with a candle.

Spending time inside the fire is cooler than being out in the sun.

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Magnificent Aries New Moon !! !!
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