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 ♆ enters ♓

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PostSubject: ♆ enters ♓   Sun Apr 03, 2011 4:00 pm

A huge energy shift is upon us as Neptune, one of the powerful outer planets, slowly glides into Pisces on April 4. After waiting for Neptune to travel through technology-crazed Aquarius since the late 1990s, Pisces will finally see its ruling planet return for the first time in 150 years.

Starting on the 4th, the background ambiance will transition from rebellious and technology-driven to poetic, artistic and compassionate. This is a great time to pursue your creative passions, as the world will be much more responsive to your ideas. These next 15 years will also be a time of idealism, and you'll be tempted to sit around all day, dreaming of a better world. Neither Pisces or Neptune are very active planets, so most likely, you'll stick to dreaming, rather than taking action.

Then, on April 6, you'll get a burst of enthusiasm as the Aries Sun moves in close to Jupiter. You'll most likely hear some good news -- possibly related to finances -- and you'll feel a surge of confidence and exuberance. Try to practice a little self-discipline, and you'll reap countless benefits from this exciting alignment.

Neptune and Pisces are the ultimate ideal-romance combination. Prepare yourself to take full advantage of their power -- and improve your relationships -- by learning more about your intimacy needs.

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♆ enters ♓
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