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 Neptune into Pisces, Being Soul and Soulforce

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Neptune into Pisces, Being Soul and Soulforce Empty
PostSubject: Neptune into Pisces, Being Soul and Soulforce   Neptune into Pisces, Being Soul and Soulforce Icon_minitimeWed Apr 06, 2011 1:00 am

Molly Hall
Neptune into Pisces, Being Soul and Soulforce
Monday April 4, 2011

It's another significant day in astrology, with Neptune, the bridge to the boundless, entering its own sign Pisces. So begins a great new ocean voyage for each of us, since Neptune rules the high seas. The ocean is symbolic, too, for the vast volume of memory, impressions, past lives, dreams and imaginings. We can anticipate more great floods. Both of lands, and deluges that flood our sense of identity, and washes away beliefs.

Neptune Pisces inspires a longing to be relieved of worldly pressures, and go Home. Its escape route can be drink or drugs, or living a life wholly disconnected from the realities of the Earth plane. But it's also the imagination, or spiritual knowing, that reminds us we live in many different dimensions, and are part of a Great Mystery. There's a chance here to live with more synchronicity, and a dream life as real as the waking one. This idea of creating your reality can become a guiding inspiration, as more of what we've known as "reality" dissolves further.

Where is Pisces at 0 degrees in your chart? This is where Neptune works its magic. The house is the setting for miracles to happen, as you suspend belief about what's possible. This is an area where things are as fluid as they get, and you can apply metaphysical principals like visioning what you want to happen. For example, Neptune is about to cross my Ascendant, for a great dissolving of masks, and a chance to know and embody my timeless/eternal Self more fully. With all the self-confidence boosting Aries energy, this adds to the adventure of re-inventing our lives. Will Power + Imagination = Success!

I spent some time with my own chart this New Moon Aries weekend with a longtime favorite book, Intuitive Astrology, subtitled, Follow Your Best Instincts to Become Who You Always Intended to Be by Elizabeth Rose Campbell. Her question for Neptune Pisces is, "How do I align with a source of inspiration so strongly communicative to me, I consider it my true home?"

Astrologers Memorial/ Campbell

Campbell's poetic and soulfulness took me deeper into my own chart, to find new openings. I thought it poignant to learn she passed away in 2004 (her memorial is at the link above). It's timely, because Neptune Pisces begins an encounter with the reality that transcends physical death, and mysteries about what lives on, or how souls move through time.

Neptune reminds us we're soul, so we don't get overly mesmerized by temporary material power, and get greedy. We see what being cut off from our true soulfulness does to our oceans, and to our culture. With Neptune in Pisces, there's a chance to remember how to make miracles, through our connection to our own spiritual muscle. When we combine these as a soulforce all together, we can feel the Whole Heart of the World, and begin to make those miracles come in fast and furious. Each of us can ask ourselves, "What are we putting into the waters?" And "Does it help humanity find its way home?"

Neptune will retrograde back into Aquarius on August 6th, and after going direct, will commit to Pisces on February 4th of 2012. From then on, Neptune will be in Pisces until the year 2026.

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Neptune into Pisces, Being Soul and Soulforce
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