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 Mercury Retrograde...A Time of Fated Serendipity?

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Solane Star
Co-Conscious with Oneness
Co-Conscious with Oneness

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PostSubject: Mercury Retrograde...A Time of Fated Serendipity?   Tue Apr 19, 2011 12:32 pm

Molly Hall
Mercury Retrograde...A Time of Fated Serendipity?
Monday April 18, 2011

Do you experience crazy synchronicity during Mercury retrogrades? There's someone I know, an ex-friend you could say, that I have chance meetings with only when Mercury is retrograde. I saw her on Friday, and enough time has passed that we can be warm, with zero expectations or resentment. As if to say, "It's all good," she sent over a Chocolate Mousse with chocolate shavings and strawberries, at the restaurant where she's manager -- on the house. A really sweet surprise.

If there's lingering weirdness, or resentment, these meetings are like a do-over. You get to play it out differently. I wonder if Mercury Retrograde in Aries -- the sign of confident Selfhood -- is recycling old friends or lovers that shattered that confidence, or just threw us into self-doubt. You get to Be different this time. Because this friend "broke up" with me, it was a hit to the old ego. But I've found peace with it, and her decision, which is one I've had to make at times, too.

It's said that retro periods bring fated events, for a second chance. Have you experienced this? Mercury is retrograde until Saturday, the 23rd, so we're in the homestretch. The direct shadow period is to May 11th, where we'll be covering the degrees of the retrograde, but in forward motion. This is when more is unraveled, 'groked' or resolved.

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Solane Star
Co-Conscious with Oneness
Co-Conscious with Oneness

Posts : 2152

PostSubject: Re-Quest for Your Original Voice   Tue Apr 19, 2011 12:40 pm

Mercury Retro Aries, 2011
Re-Quest for Your Original Voice
Molly Hall,

Gary S. Chapman/Getty Images

This is a year to say it like you mean it! All the Mercury Retrogrades for 2011 are in enthusiastic fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius). Mercury in fire signs is all about inspiration. Words, images, music, ideas throw off sparks, and spreads fast.

Mercury Aries: Thinking for yourself. No B.S., seeing past any agendas that attempt to manage perception. Incitement, call to action, "Them's fightin' words!"

Mercury Retro in Aries gives you a strong reminder of your original perceptions. Flashes on what you see, free of anyone else's opinion. Impressions that are burned into your memory, return at the retrograde, to remind you of times you've felt alive.

You get a hit of your direct knowing. Before you were civilized, domesticated, or influenced by what others think. This is powerful! It gives you the sight you need to expand daringly into new, more fruitful psychic terrain!

Courageous Creativity

This Mercury retrograde brings with it a mental restlessness, to go beyond the same ole, same ole. If it replays inspiration, or you're reminded of your passion, these lead you back to your own edge, where everything is new, and self-generated.

If there's a life review, you could revisit times when you acted from your instincts. There is risk, because there's nobody blazing the trail in front of you. Mercury Aries shows you where you can boldly go where no one has gone before. You become the pioneer in your own life, trusting your own perceptions.

Questions to Ponder:

•What did you know and see, from the start?

•What ideas move you to act?

•What demands to be said, that will catalyze/provoke others?

•How can you invigorate your messages?

•What habits of exchanging ideas has grown stale, repetitive, boring?

•What areas call for more self-assertion, or even aggressive communication?

•What ideas have the potential to grow big, if you give them your whole focus?

•What would you say, if you didn't censor yourself?

Hot Dates:

•Mercury Rx Aries conjunct Jupiter Aries at 17/18 degrees, Monday, April 11th: Active imagining in areas that have always been buzzing with life for you. Moving with that inspiration, where it leads. Direct, confident action to live aligned with your real passion.

•Mercury Rx Aries conjunct Mars Aries at 10 degrees, Tuesday, April 19th, 2011. A big charge, for forceful creativity, when thoughts/words/ideas are aligned with your will. Knowing what you're aimed toward, and putting your full Self behind it.

•Mercury in Direct Shadow (covering the retro degrees) conjunct Venus, Monday, May 9th, 2011: Finding your collaborators. Meeting of inspired minds. New friends, or renewed friendships energized by fresh thought.

•Mercury on day of moving out of Direct Shadow conjunct Jupiter, Wednesday, May 11th, 2011: Great urge to act on the new, expand. Quick expansion, when focus is on what's emerging. Being revitalized about the future, based on new visions.

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Mercury Retrograde...A Time of Fated Serendipity?
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