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 Chaos, Earth Changes and "The Void"

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Chaos, Earth Changes and "The Void" Empty
PostSubject: Chaos, Earth Changes and "The Void"   Chaos, Earth Changes and "The Void" Icon_minitimeSat Apr 23, 2011 4:14 pm

Molly Hall
Chaos, Earth Changes and "The Void"
Saturday April 23, 2011

It seems we're in a time of firsts and odd, unusual events, some out of synch with the usual patterns. The weather for one thing. Yesterday, we had marble-sized hail, a first in S. Georgia at the end of April. In his latest message from the "Hathors," Tom Kenyon has info on "earthquakes, volcanic activity, aberrant weather patterns, ecological distress, as well as economic, social and political turmoil." The Hathors say we're in a Chaotic Node, and this is causing us to experience, Transition States of Consciousness.

Click on Link:
Transition States of Consciousness

Are you experiencing loss of the known rhythms or life structure? How each of us handle these times of being in-between is critical, and Kenyon's article is timely, for all the metamorphosis going on.

Kenyon describes the Void that many are in, between the old and new. The Void is a no-man's land, with no familiar markers. You might be waking up to your multi-dimensionality, which he says is disorienting. But it's wise to be discerning and give yourself time to expand into the fullness of possibility. Kenyon writes, "Be careful what new markers you put into place, for these ideas and beliefs will be the stars in the new sky of your mind, and you shall navigate your way into these new times by the stars (thoughts and beliefs) that you have placed in the heavens of your own consciousness. So be wise when you go about creating new stars, our fellow navigators of the Mystery."

Kenyon's Hathors have practical advice for this transition, as a phenomenon happening to each of us personally, and the collective. "The human collective, from our perspective, is currently like an immense cosmic serpent shedding its old skin, writhing and twisting, scraping off old encumbrances." And they give a fascinating account of what happens when we make the physical transition of death. That it's another void-like darkness, a richly creative terrain where we make decisions about our future.

Mercury stations direct today, at 12 degrees Aries, and will be in direct shadow to May 11th. The visions for what we want to create, out of the Void, can become clearer as we go forward. But so much of what's happening to Earth and ourselves defies logical explanation. That's why I love Kenyon's advice to "Be curious and expect miracles."

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Chaos, Earth Changes and "The Void"
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