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 Free Talk Today: Pulse of the Soul

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PostSubject: Free Talk Today: Pulse of the Soul   Sat May 14, 2011 2:24 am

Free Talk Today: Pulse of the Soul
Friday May 13, 2011

She of the sing-song British accent, the mystical physician Christine Page MD will give a free teleseminar talk today (at 12 pm Pacific) on Intuitive Wisdom: Listening to the Pulse of the Soul. It's part of the Inspiring Women Summit, with archived recordings from the whole week available for the next couple of months. Later today, author Brené Brown (of the Ted talk fame) will talk on The Gifts of Imperfections: Letting Go of Who We Think We're Supposed to Be and Embracing Who We Are.

Have you been inspired this week? Or soul-weary like more than a few I know? This week's Mercury-Venus to Jupiter in Aries alignment intensified the pulse of the new. You might've hit on something that has great momentum. But if you're not able to live your inspiration (breath with it), having to go through the motions can be that much harder.

The Aries inspiration for a more colorful or creative life, can meet hard realities with so much economic uncertainty. In that vulnerable place, of not knowing what's possible, it helps to hear how others meet that gulf between inspired dream and reality. It's a great time to let the inspiration live, without the pressure to think realistically. Getting a glimpse of what you really would do, if totally free to follow your inspiration, is a real spirit booster. As planets shift into Taurus (Venus-Mercury on Sunday the 15th), the "How" can begin to take shape.

Update: Dr. Page also talked about Chiron, 'the wounded healer,' and how we attract the thing we need to heal within ourselves. That we can never heal anything beyond our own level of healing. She said 70% of illness is an alert from the soul, and that if we don't listen to the intuition, the body will create dis-ease, and shift direction for us.

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PostSubject: Re: Free Talk Today: Pulse of the Soul   Sat May 14, 2011 6:59 am

Good stuff! Astrology's coming back into focus for me, and I'm starting to get curious about Chiron, which I haven't yet taken the time to delve very deeply into. Thanks for sharing. :)
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Free Talk Today: Pulse of the Soul
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