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 Week for Epiphanies

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PostSubject: Week for Epiphanies   Tue Sep 21, 2010 12:58 am

Molly Hall
Week for Epiphanies
Monday September 20, 2010

Jupiter is a show stealer this week, being so visible (see Earth Sky), and in synch with Uranus the Awakener, and the Moon in Pisces for the Equinox (Sept 22nd 8:09 pm pacific). This stellium in Pisces, makes for erratic, startling, even shocking Neptunian currents -- both solo mia and washing over everybody. A week to wake-up to your true divinity and creative potential.

Neptune and the sign it rules, Pisces, call out the creative muse, and a sense of a higher calling. It's also about the yearnings of the whole that are reflected back in culture, political theatre, entertainment. Like strong currents, the Jupiter-Uranus tide of emotion and mysterious undercurrents speed us forward on life's river.

But since Neptune also rules delusions, drugs, deception, we can get swept up in murky waters. This week, there are oppositional forces that could bring out extreme behavior. There's a lot of impulse to act, or express big emotions that just pours out of us individually and as all-of-us. It could throw us way, way off balance. And yet, jumping the groove like that -- even if we crash -- might be just what we need in our lives.

Neptune's epiphanies give us a grasp of a reality beyond intuition. It reminds us that we're magical beings in constant dialogue with the universe all around us. It can be very mystical, and revive our faith about who we are. Until the Equinox, the Sun Virgo is in opposition, making sure we stay grounded in the here and now.

This feels to me like the time of pushing off the shores of the familiar, and into trusting the heart as a guide. The Sun Virgo in opposition, can show us how to translate divine inspiration, into small actions we can take now. In the midst of so much crisis of change, we're kept rooted in healthy habits, and can be quick on our feet. If there are leaps made on the fly, the Sun in opposition gives us the vital energies to work out the details quickly (Virgo), let the changes settle into our bodies, and stay in balance (Libra).
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Week for Epiphanies
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