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 December Solstice 2010

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December Solstice 2010
by Cayelin K Castell

The December 2010 Winter Solstice is being highlighted by a Total Lunar Eclipse just hours before the exact Solstice. This represents a maximum synchronization of Solar and Lunar cycles as described in Daniel Giamario’s article last month. This year the exact Solstice is at 3:39 pm Pacific Time on December 21.

Witnessing a Solstice Sunrise (This one will be at 7:25 am in Tucson, Arizona on December 21, 2010 so the exact time will vary depending on where you are located) is a powerful way to engage the energies being beamed in from the Galactic Center via the Sun. This year we have the extra special and unique situation of a Full Moon that has just gone through a Total Eclipse setting on the Galactic Cross located at the Galactic Edge at 7:39 am (again, Tucson, Arizona time) within minutes after the Sunrise. Witnessing these celestial events inspire awe and open our hearts, bodies and minds in ways that can assist us in aligning with the Celestial Magic of the Sun and the Moon on the galactic cross and how these events are supporting the fulfillment of the ‘original intent’ for our lives. 

December Solstice 2010 2010-dec-solstice-sunrise-1024x447

The Sun is rising on the Galactic Cross near Galactic Center in the East just before the Moon sets in the west
The original intent is not defined by middle world standards but rather by the part of our self that knows – an inherent knowing or intelligence that may simply be to embody love and compassion and/or kindness and caring and/or to be an anchor for the accelerating light codes of energy that are beaming our way at this time. It may be subtle. It may reorient your whole perception of reality. It may expand your Earthly and Galactic Consciousness and accelerate whatever awakening is already happening for you. It may feel like nothing you have ever felt before.

One way to engage a living ceremony around these events is to simply witness them with intention. Said another way, the visible and non-visible connection with these celestial alignments through our intention and heartfelt gratitude and appreciation is a ceremony in itself.

When we have a sacred intent and then find ways to energize that intent in the world of form we are in the realm of Living Ceremony. Calling in sacred space, setting up an altar, drumming, chanting etc are also ways to engage this time. It isn’t necessary to do anything but sometimes doing these things can help us connect more deeply. Let your heart be your guide.

December Solstice 2010 2010-dec-solstice-moon-set-1024x428

The Full Moon sets in the West near the Galactic Cross at the Galactic Edge a few minutes after the Sun rises in the East on the exact Solstice Morning

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December Solstice 2010
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