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 Mercury-Mars-Pluto, Weighty Matters

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Mercury-Mars-Pluto, Weighty Matters Empty
PostSubject: Mercury-Mars-Pluto, Weighty Matters   Mercury-Mars-Pluto, Weighty Matters Icon_minitimeMon Dec 13, 2010 7:18 pm

Molly Hall
Mercury-Mars-Pluto, Weighty Matters
Monday December 13, 2010

I'm definitely sensing some soul stirrings of magnitude, as we head into the Mercury-Mars-Pluto alignment tonight. For some, it could unearth, crack open, or even disturb. The trio is in cardinal earth Capricorn, for self-motivation, conserving energies, consolidating around a purpose. Weighty times. As Miami-based astrologer Mark Springle said this morning on Facebook, "A word to the wise: observe twice as much as you speak."

Here are two articles on the Mercury-Mars-Pluto alignment, happening just after the 8 o'clock hour Pacific/11 pm Eastern. The first has practical tips, and the second is a longer story with personal anecdotes. Both are wonderful in different ways.

•Astrology of Light, Elizabeth Jones on Churnings Deep Within: "In the Tarot, the Tower (XVI) is a perfect card depicting the current energies. We all have a structure for our life, which is the Tower in this image. Many things built this structure-believes, experiences, decisions, etc. Yet there are times the structure becomes out-dated in some way, and actually begins to confine us instead of support us."

•Elaine Kalantarian of Blue Moon Astrology offers up a richly layered article on the Triple Conjunction of Mercury-Mars-Pluto -- its themes found unexpectedly in a "somewhat hokey, old sci-fi movie."

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Mercury-Mars-Pluto, Weighty Matters
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