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 Mark Borax on 2012

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PostSubject: Mark Borax on 2012   Mark Borax on 2012 Icon_minitimeThu Dec 30, 2010 3:04 pm

Q & A with Mark Borax on 2012
Molly Hall,

Some are experiencing the sensation that their whole life is flashing before their eyes, a lot of resolution of the past. I remember that as a big theme in your book. What advice do you have for those that are confused by all that's coming up?

This life flashing-before-your-eyes phenomenon is connected to the Age of Aquarius coming on, the closer we get to the year 2012, and the Age of Pisces ending. In order to prepare us for the coming of the new, a kind of soul review is going on. The purpose is to purge us of old karmas, get us to release our historic attachments to an obsolete way of life. When the images flash you have the power to review and release the deeper psychic-emotive cords binding you to those times and places. Like a person dying, the way through the confusion is to contact a clearer, deeper anchor point in your own core nature, and let go of the rest. On the greater political and economic scene, the world is getting worse in order to get better.

What do you say to those that are absolute beginners in astrology and want to learn about 2012?

Astrology beginners wanting to learn more of 2012 can sign up for Ellias Lonsdale's upcoming TeleClass: Aqua Star Portals, the Twelve Hidden Dimensions of Existence. Part of the purpose of this series is to prepare people for the coming shift of 2012. You don't need to know any astrology in order to particpate in the series.
Do you sense that it's helpful to know about dark plans of the hidden powers (from a survival standpoint), or does that just add to the fear?

Dark plans of the hidden powers is always a tricky issue, because the more a person studies conspiracy theories and evil entitities, the harder it is to remain clear, centered, and grounded inside. These subjects seem to carry a cloud of paranoia and hysteria to them. Rarely are these matters looked into with the supreme neutrality of, say, Rudolf Steiner.

Ultimately, the darkest forces serve to highlight the light. The nature of evil is to dramatize good. By things darkening on the world stage, our attention can be drawn to the immense light packed into our species. Looking from a soul level perspective, each person has a beacon of illumination buried inside them. Unfortunately, it's hard to activate the full force of this beacon until things darken out there. Fortunately, things are darkening sufficiently now on the world stage that the sheer craziness of our hypnotized culture is conjuring a counter force of goodness all over the world. Any examinations of the dark forces need to be conducted from this viewpoint to counteract the psychic displacement and paranoia often associated with these things.

In your book, 2008 was called the Genesis year. I've noticed more synchronicity, physical changes within myself. Can you speak to what you've seen this year?

The most striking theme I'm seeing this year is people's driving willingness to hold their life up to scrutiny in order to learn where they are truly serving the oncoming future and where they're not. If you think about it, the amazing part of this is that nobody's denying the fact that Change is indeed upon us. In earlier years, during the time period of 1987 to 1994, for instance, which my book covers, we saw Change coming.

Change is no longer coming -- it's here, as a palpable undeniable fact. Of course, that begs the question: what kind of change? which direction? The vast majority of my clients, who phone me from all over the world, seem to accept the fact that nothing will be the same anymore, and are very concerned with how they can best align with the current and coming transformation. In that sense, 2008 is the Genesis of a sweeping cultural shift designed to usher in the New Earth.

My sister asked me yesterday, "Do I have until 2012 to prepare?" Your book is full of wisdom about this, but in this void, the chaos, what can you tell people about 'how to prepare.'?

Again, pertaining to your sister's comment, the best thing I can do is usher people toward enrolling for the Star Portals class. Ellias is offering a free half-hour introduction to the series on Nov. 3rd, two weeks before the first class. I'm as excited as anyone to see what the wizard has up his sleeve this time. The last class he taught was about six years ago in Santa Cruz. I haven't studied with him in person since 1996, twelve years ago.

Now, through the magic of telephones and email, we're rescusitating our old mystery school, and I really have no idea what new dimensions of the universe Ellias will be conducting us to. I just know that he'll be bringing through solid insight and information that can magically and logically equip us to use this time for greater good, and prepare crossing into the future. The other thing, of course, is that I help people on a one-to-one basis every week via my Soul Level Astrology readings. The book and the classes will address the collective side of these world changes, and my readings will pinpoint the individual things you can do in your own life to surf the tsunami of world metamorphosis.

Many are worried about survival. Any thoughts on that, in terms of what will happen as we head toward 2012?

Speaking specifically to the survival issue, now is not the time to get paranoid about hoarding resources, and entrenching yourself in your own private Eden while the world goes to hell out there. It's a time to reach out, teach the children, learn from the young, combine forces, keep your own personal dream alive, whatever that takes.

Mark Borax

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Mark Borax on 2012
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