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 Lost Civilizations and Being Human

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Lost Civilizations and Being Human Empty
PostSubject: Lost Civilizations and Being Human   Lost Civilizations and Being Human Icon_minitimeSun Jan 09, 2011 4:46 pm

Molly Hall
Lost Civilizations and Being Human
Sunday January 9, 2011

How different life would be if the best of humanity was at the leading edge. Have there been other times in ancient human history when we were more aware of our divine power? I heard adventurer and researcher Graham Hancock talking about lost civilizations on the Veritas Show yesterday (first hour is free). Click Link: Veritas

This is from the intro -- "The past has been erased from our consciousness to keep us weak and to give us the illusion of lack of control." He describes it as a kind of amnesia, that keeps us in the dark. With the Sun Capricorn and Moon Pisces today, moving toward the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction, we could be set free by such knowledge. That humanity has been denied this legacy, and is suffering from being cut off from the wisdom of some of our ancestors.

So much keeps us locked in a narrow groove. Hancock mentions debt as a tool used to keep us silent, and not able to explore consciousness fully. The stress and fear that's gone viral is like a clenched fist, making it hard to receive. And Neptune is about receiving, surrendering to the natural flow of life instead of resisting it or trying to control natural feelings.

Melanie, a reader with Sun Pisces and Capricorn Moon had these wise words today, "We are profoundly relational beings, finding ourselves through others, but also - need to fully inhabit our own spiritual & energetic centers, & live from that place." Today and into Monday are days when the stars align to help you find that anchor -- one that you can count on always, no matter what happens.

Along with receiving and tuning in, there's a need for discernment and knowing thyself. The two together merge the best of both worlds, the intellect and the intuition. Fiona Kelly, moderator of the Astrology Discussion Forum, started a thread called, "Neptune Pisces - the good, the bad and the ugly." Neptune goes into its own sign Pisces in early April (2011), for total immersion in the imaginal, the mystical, the dreamtime. The aspects up for us now give a taste of what's to come.

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Lost Civilizations and Being Human
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