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 Jupiter Aries, At the Starting Gates

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PostSubject: Jupiter Aries, At the Starting Gates   Jupiter Aries, At the Starting Gates Icon_minitimeFri Jan 14, 2011 3:57 am

Molly Hall
Jupiter Aries, At the Starting Gates
Thursday January 13, 2011

I'm like the witchy woman in the wood these days, happy to be cloistered on a farm in rural Georgia. So being on Robert Phoenix' show, Navigating the Astrological Matrix yesterday really stirred me up. He had asked me a few times, the thought of it, to be honest, had paralyzed me with fear. So much in my nature favors living a quiet life, while making noise in my own way. Who knows sometimes where these fears come from. For example, I've had more than one reader -- looking at past lives -- reassure me I'm not going to be burned at the stake this time around.

I've experienced the harshness & destructive qualities of fire, as much as I have its creativity. It took me a long time to find a sense of calm and stability, and for a Cancer, that can sometimes translate to avoiding the spotlight, or the real-life equivalent of the Fiery Eye in Lord of the Rings.

With Jupiter on the verge of going into fire sign Aries (the 22nd), I saw this as an opportunity to demonstrate -- to myself mostly -- that I can move out of my comfort zone. The butterflies in my stomach let me know this was the good kind of fear -- the kind that leads to growth. I felt the same feeling before going onstage for a two minute fill-in role in a theatre production, one I was co-directing. The intense butterflies in the belly beforehand, and a high afterwards. The act of doing it changed me, and made me feel so alive and confident.

On the show Robert and I both shared that we got the race horse image for Jupiter Aries. I've been around horses enough to know when they're raring to go...they dance around on their feet, chomp at the bit, paw at the ground, sweat or flap their lips. That's us now, with the pre-race jitters. We got a taste of this amped up energy last year from June 7th to September 10th. This time, Jupiter stays direct, as it speeds through Aries until June 5th.

One key with this risk taking, is leaping with people you trust. With Saturn in Libra, the sign opposite to Aries, if you go too far, too fast, the other can balance you out. There's a vulnerability to Aries energy, because it's got no reference point -- it's out there in the exhilarating now. The right friends support us when we're going beyond who we ourselves think we are, or what we can do. I'm grateful today for Robert, a kindred spirit who I trust, for the chance to share my voice on his show. With all this disembodied exchange, via the 'net, it reminds me of how powerful that is.

Aries is about shaping the Self through those experiences that have no precedent. With Jupiter in Aries, then, we have backing to transform our lives through action. As with me, taking action awakens dormant energies. Denise Dee of Soulstrology wrote today, "To manifest - your sacral chakra and throat are key. The crucible of creative energy is the sacral chakra. As my guides say you can draw things to you from your heart and 3rd eye but the primal energies give them form/life."

These are the butterflies in the stomach, that come when we shift from a passive to an active stance. Jupiter in Aries is a chance to reawaken our faith in being able to manifest. It's a great time to transcend the sedentary lifestyle so many of us have fallen into. To get in condition -- mentally, spiritually, physically for the racy currents about to move through. And a good time to bring attention to the sacral and the throat chakras then, as we prepare for a thrilling time of being at our own personal edge.

•"I Am" Coming Out - Jupiter Aries

•The Sacral Chakra (Belly): Mental and Emotional Issues - blame, guilt, money, sex, power, control, creativity, morality. Information

Stored Inside Sacral Chakra - duality, magnetism, controlling patterns, emotional feelings (joy, anger, fear)

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Jupiter Aries, At the Starting Gates
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