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 Pisces, Love-Your-Feet Month

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PostSubject: Pisces, Love-Your-Feet Month   Pisces, Love-Your-Feet Month Icon_minitimeWed Feb 23, 2011 2:47 am

Molly Hall
Pisces, Love-Your-Feet Month
Tuesday February 22, 2011

Pisces, Love-Your-Feet Month Feetlove

Pisces rules the feet, so why not show yours some love. I recently went on one of those vacations where you walk miles and miles. I bought new Teva clogs for the trip. New shoes + walking for hours on end = foot pain. At the end of each day, after my bath, I thanked my legs and feet as I rubbed them with oil.

Serendipitously, Yahoo News just ran an feature called, 18 Things Your Feet Say About Your Health. One cause of foot pain, the article points out, is due to shoes not fitting properly. Ill-fitting shoes has been a theme in my life -- perhaps it's the Pisces rising, and Saturn in the first house. A reminder to be more disciplined about my footwear choices.

My Hungarian husband is super self-conscious about his feet and its issues, and even had a massage with his socks on recently. In Hungarian, the toes are called "foot fingers," and many nights, we give each other foot massages. It takes a different kind of trust, to expose your hard-working dogs to another, especially if it's been in a dark, unventilated shoe all day. Often, with my man, it means putting medication between the foot fingers.

The feet are what we stand on, and you might know has a quarter of the bones found in the entire body. And therapies like reflexology and acupuncture, show us how the foot is a microcosm of the rest of the body. How do you show your feet Love?

•Pisces Wellness Rx, from Stephanie Gailing, "Pedicures, reflexology sessions, and even lymph-boosting gentle walks are great wellness activities during this time. And if the spirit moves you, stand barefoot on the earth and do a visualization exercise where you stream the land's energy through your soles and throughout your body. These activities will help you to ground the streaming love and inspiration that the Piscean energies can usher in."

•True Confessions of a foot lover, From Diane Booth Gilliam of Yogastrology: "... while I possess no higher degree in Feet-Reading, nor do I pepper my walls with foot-charts or wear toe rings (almost never) quite simply, I love feet. Perhaps due to my abiding love for the earth and our connection to it -- I live with this intensely.... deep, sweet appreciation for that magical zone where our soles and our souls collide."


18 Things Your Feet Say About Your Health
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Pisces, Love-Your-Feet Month
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