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 Pisces to Aries, At the Starting Gate

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Pisces to Aries, At the Starting Gate Empty
PostSubject: Pisces to Aries, At the Starting Gate   Pisces to Aries, At the Starting Gate Icon_minitimeMon Mar 07, 2011 12:00 am

Molly Hall
Pisces to Aries, At the Starting Gate
Sunday March 6, 2011

The Moon's move from Pisces to Aries, is one of the most dramatically felt -- the Swamp Thing bolts out of the primordial ooze. It's water to fire. From going with the flow, and floating in everything, to being focused in a single direction. Spontaneous. Forward moving. Impulsed by the creative spark.

This morning, I was reminded by David Crook of Stellar Insights, that "Moon in Aries is leading the way," to be followed by Mercury on 3/9, Uranus on 3/11, the Sun on 3/20 and Mars on 4/1. And lucky Jupiter is there, to June 5th, to encourage, and animate the original essence for each of us. These planets in the starting gate of Aries, will help any who feel like they're drowning in stagnant Piscean waters. By the end of March, the stellium in Aries, combined with the unique fever for life at Spring, is something to look forward to. Momentum!

This week, you could feel a quickening, especially with Uranus long anticipated move into Aries on Friday. Where is this early Spring happening for you? Look to the house in the birth chart, for clues. Don't talk yourself out of seeing the fresh possibilities. Going with the momentum, and seeing what can be created from it, is key to moving stagnant waters.

Lately, I've felt stuck in quicksand -- if I struggle with all that's rising to be healed -- I get buried deeper. Insomnia. What seem like financial setbacks. The shocking unveiling of Uranus Pisces, has brought a lifetime's worth (and past lives?) of emotional impression/memory/woundedness to the surface. Feels like progress, through healing, but in the short term, like two steps back.

The awakenings of Uranus Pisces, can feel strange and threatening -- overwhelming. The usual Self is overwhelmed, like a great tide that alters the coastline. But as these planets move into Aries, a new, more fully dimensional sense of Self can lead the way. The sign of miracles Pisces, gives way to the sign of emergence, to bring more of what we've seen and know deep down out into the world.

The Moon Aries into Monday helps us hit the ground running, and even with some random bursts of enthusiasm. I'm sensing some signs of life, with this fiery Moon, and it's very welcome on this rainy, dark Sunday morning.

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Pisces to Aries, At the Starting Gate
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