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 The Great Opposition, Jupiter & Saturn

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The Great Opposition, Jupiter & Saturn Empty
PostSubject: The Great Opposition, Jupiter & Saturn   The Great Opposition, Jupiter & Saturn Icon_minitimeTue Mar 08, 2011 9:33 pm

Molly Hall
The Great Opposition, Jupiter & Saturn
Tuesday March 8, 2011

A main event this month is the Jupiter-Saturn opposition, one that Soul Level astrologer Mark Borax says is a chance to break free from the past. And move away from stale, complex quagmires in relationships, to simplicity and fresh approaches.

The Jupiter-Saturn opposition is March 28th, but Mark stresses it's powerful enough to influence the entire year. He writes, "This spring, and the whole year of 2011, if you find yourself caught in an opposition of darkening drama, remember that the purpose of conflict is to draw your attention to ways you may be clinging to the past."

He frames it so eloquently in his Cosmic Weather Report for March 2011, called, The Great Opposition. Cosmic Weather Report for March 2011, called, The Great Opposition. Are you sensing that Jupiter Aries is sounding an alarm? And wondering how this urge to go, be, do is going to impact your relationships? Then this article is a must read -- I know it gave me a few insights, and was right on, with what I'm experiencing.

Mark and his mentor, the reclusive Ellias Lonsdale, are inspiring to read, or hear talk, if you get the chance. I've had the honor of participating for a couple of years now, in Teleconferences offered through the College of Visionaries and Wizards. Even though it's a teleseminar, it feels intimate, and very alive, because neither Mark or Ellias ever fall back on what they already know. There's an atmosphere of creative thought that gives it a freshness in the moment, since you never know where it's going to lead! The next offering is aptly titled Cosmic Weather Report on the Hidden Meaning of the Moment and beings March 12th.

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The Great Opposition, Jupiter & Saturn
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