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 Uranus Aries, Here We Go

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Co-Conscious with Oneness

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PostSubject: Uranus Aries, Here We Go   Uranus Aries, Here We Go Icon_minitimeFri Mar 11, 2011 10:08 pm

Molly Hall
Uranus Aries, Here We Go
Friday March 11, 2011

Uranus Aries, Here We Go Divingman

My heart breaks over the images out of Japan. What stood out most was a scene of the tsunami overtaking what looked like meticulously shaped farmland with green houses. Uranus Pisces goes out with a dramatic message that everything we bring to form, is dissolved, and returned to where it came from.

This can be liberating, when you trust that we're all eternal. The Japanese Prime Minister encouraged a spirit of unity, being quick to help neighbors. When you're living in a disaster like that, there's a supernatural sense of oneness. I experienced this during and in the aftermath of September 11th living downtown. The impulse is activated, and you're then part of a wave of effort to help each other.

We've been discussing this on the Facebook page, in particular the swirl of everything -- including what's toxic -- in one big soup. How like Uranus Pisces to show us images of what modern life looks like, stirred up by the ocean (Neptune) itself. A stark reminder that our contaminating technologies can't be contained, a theme likely to intensify in the years ahead. The demand for progress, and to overcome entrenched, mega-powerful industries, can intensify.

It's just a few hours, before Uranus goes into Aries (7:49 pm est) -- in the midst of great tragedy, the sparks of the new are ignited. What's awakened by these times of breaking open the world heart, can lead to great acts of courage, inventive technologies, awe-inspiring creativity. It feels a bit like being at the top of the big rollercoaster, knowing the plunge is coming.

Aries is a cardinal sign, so the momentum of Uranus is likely to be more surge-like than the Pisces whirl of chaos. Be prepared to act spontaneously, on unexpected events. The main thing, like Robert Phoenix said on air today, is trusting your instincts, intuition and being alert to what's happening around you.

This global near-death experience can be super motivating. It can sharpen your sense of Self (Aries), and put courage behind your life's purpose. It strengthens your resolve to make the most of this one precious life!

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Uranus Aries, Here We Go
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