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 What is a Supermoon?

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PostSubject: What is a Supermoon?   What is a Supermoon? Icon_minitimeThu Mar 17, 2011 12:44 am

Molly Hall
What is a Supermoon?
Wednesday March 16, 2011

What is a Supermoon? Fullmoonman

This Saturday's Full Moon Virgo will be as close as it gets to Earth -- called perigee, and in line with the Sun and Moon. Any New or Full Moon, that's very close to the Earth, is a Supermoon, according to the man who coined it thirty years ago, Richard Nolle.

Since it's come up in mainstream media, he clarified his definition of the Supermoon. We've already had one in January, and there are usually 4 to 6 a year.

Click on Link Below:

Nolle writes, "SuperMoons are noteworthy for their close association with extreme tidal forces working in what astrologers of old used to call the sublunary world: the atmosphere, crust and oceans of our home planet - including ourselves, of course."

And look out, it's another Full Moon at the anaretic or last degree of 29! That means it's a wrap up for Virgo-Pisces -- we get the master class now in these energies. The exquisitely subtle, the magic of universal healing forces -- often there's a calling to be of service to something higher than the Self. It's an axis of devoting personal energies, to the highest good, that often comes with a humility of surrender.

Mutable Moons shake things up, and in this earth sign, opposite to water sign Pisces, that can mean more earth changes. It's also a chance to shift shape, to adapt, and feel the fluidity of the moment. There's the planetary body, and then there's your own body and its atmosphere. It's a chance to detox your air (thoughts), water (emotions), physical space (earth) or obstacles to living with passion (fire.)

I'm sensing the need to get stronger spiritually, and to fully consecrate myself, to live with the sacred and the Earth. I'm not sure what that means yet, but this Full Moon along the Virgo/Pisces axis is ideal for that kind of dedication. Sandra Ingerman wrote today about the need to flex the spiritual muscles, to meet the intensity of this moment.

She writes, "We must learn to honor the rite of passage and initiation that humankind is going through. We are experiencing levels of death on many levels. Death is not an end but rather is a transition." One of her books, by the way, is about How to Heal Toxic Thoughts.

Click on Link Below:
Sandra Ingerman Healing Toxic Thoughts

Last night, I dreamt -- or was given instructions -- to prepare for emergency. The emergence is the birth, and more and more, I'm seeing the Earth cracking out of its egg (the crust). And seeing the miracle of it, in the midst of the tragedy. In my dream, I knew it wasn't about stocking up on more canned sardines (which I've done), but preparing mind-body-spirit -- the holistic atmosphere.

With the Virgo-Pisces Moon this Saturday, it's a chance to come back to your personal planet and its atmosphere, the state of your mind, body and spirit. If you're wanting to be a healing presence, what preparations and adjustments have to be made now? This Full Moon can be one of miracles, a cosmic alignment to your path of service.

In the days leading up to the Full Moon, tune in to your own atmosphere. Invite the healing energies, and surrender to them. I like simple rituals, like lighting a white 7-Day candle. Today, I'll be taking a break from the "news" and the EMF of the computer, to sit under my favorite trees. I'll have the Full Moon chart with me, and be writing some notes on it for tomorrow. Be well!

Sandra Ingerman Healing Toxic Thoughts
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What is a Supermoon?
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