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 Venus & Neptune, Attuning to a Higher Frequency

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Venus & Neptune, Attuning to a Higher Frequency Empty
PostSubject: Venus & Neptune, Attuning to a Higher Frequency   Venus & Neptune, Attuning to a Higher Frequency Icon_minitimeTue Mar 22, 2011 1:39 am

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Venus & Neptune, Attuning to a Higher Frequency
Monday March 21, 2011

This is looking like one of those weeks when you start living like there's no tomorrow. When you see that the one path to security is being true to yourself. It's an initiation week, to shift from being guided by what others think, to being more soul-centered. Aries is the initiator, and with liberator Uranus, is restless to Spring you out of any self-created containments that have grown claustrophobic.

The extreme nature of events, looking to be amplified, can bring up fear of how chaotic things could get. Just heard from regular reader Jennifer Longhurst who writes, "I as well as others I know, have been feeling like we are just spinning out of control."

The series of events on the world stage, not to mention the stresses of our own lives, can quickly become too much. Even master astrologers like Ellias Lonsdale come up to their edge. By the way, he and Mark Borax have a new book out called, Cosmic Weather Report, Notes from the Edge of the Universe. On the "rolling hits" we've been getting, he said, "What it does to me, is make me feel so insecure, anxious, enveloped by chaotic forces that it's unbearable."

He continued, "The only way I can get myself through that, and don't succumb to it, is that I have learned to bring my spirit, or the Greater Spirit, into direct resonance with this frightened child. And to introduce them to each other, and not have them live in worlds apart."

In the midst of having our hearts broken open, there are healing energies coming our way. There's a transcendent Venus-Neptune conjunction in Aquarius, that's looking like a wrapped package in shiny ribbon on the horizon. It's on Saturday, the 26th at 6:39 pm Pacific, and 1:39 am UT/London on the 27th.

Venus is love and well-being, and Neptune puts the sublime higher One Heart love within reach. This is a stellar day to take part in global meditations, or collaborate in something that lift's spirits.

You could call out to your own higher resonance, like Ellias does, and see what comes through. It's a sweet harmonic of two planetary beautifiers. It could be the most romantic day ever! Or it could be the day of a global candlelight vigil that sets a harmonic for peace.

Venus is sometimes called Earth's sister planet, because they're alike in size and mass. This could be a moment for earthlings to ally with sister Venus, to come to the aid of Earth in her hour of distress and birthing. I'll be standing near twin oaks I call the survivors, at the time of the alignment, if you care to join me. Wherever you are, you can reach out to a tree, Earth's antennae, and set a conscious intention to harmonize with the pulse of the Earth. And be receivers ourselves, to draw down these finer vibes, as a commitment to earth them on this beautiful planet.

•Relevant info: David Icke on Stargate Radio, with William Henry: "What's happening with this awakening, this vibe change is breaking down the bubble, which is entrapping our, body-mind in isolation. As it starts to break-down, we're starting to access and connect and hear and be inspired by higher levels of our awareness, that we've been cut off from."

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Revelations David Icke


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Venus & Neptune, Attuning to a Higher Frequency
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