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 Full Moon in Libra

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PostSubject: Full Moon in Libra   Full Moon in Libra Icon_minitimeWed Apr 13, 2011 12:03 am

Full Moon in Libra
Walking Your Talk
Molly Hall,

Full Moon in Libra Butterfly

This year's Libra Full Moon is on Sunday, April 17th at 10:44 pm Eastern US time. It's at 2:44 am Greenwich Mean Time.

That was a doozie of a New Moon in Aries, on April 3rd, 2011. What's urgent for you now? Are you sensing the need to push (ram) into new territory? This Full Moon is one for courageous action, to find a new balance, while staying quick to move with the wild waves of transformation.

The Libra Full Moon in ordinary times might be one to celebrate all things artful and harmonious. It's a peak when the instinct to balance out relationships is strong. But this is also an extraordinary time of choice. We can re-create the old dramas, but with dangerous intensity. Or we can choose to see the blank canvas, and our freedom to draw forth new possibilities.

The Sun-Moon are at 27 Aries-Libra. The Sabian symbol for 27 Aries is Through Imagination A Lost Opportunity Is Regained. It's thought that humanity is returning to a crossroads, that has played out before. The artifacts of lost civilizations can be haunting to the human memory. What's possible to create here on Earth, and why are things going so wrong? The Aries stellium takes us to Original Mind, with Uranus Aries making sure what emerges there runs like a wild current everywhere.

That makes this a powerful time to trust what's originating so strongly, from your own instincts and innate intelligence. It's here you'll find your treasure, your faith, viable pathways. It's both timeless (ancient), and of the Now.

It's a very cardinal Full Moon, to initiate and forge the new. The Moon and Saturn, in air sign Libra are in suspension opposite Mars-Mercury Rx and Jupiter, in Aries. Restless. Demanding. The urgency to make changes, quickened too by Uranus in Aries, makes for impulsive, spontaneous, radical moves.

The Mayan leader Ac Tah said this is a time when the savage essence returns. The raw impulses of Aries re-anchor you in your own direct engagement with life. You can bristle at things that used to be ok. If you've had to go against your own instincts, to get along, now is a time when great disruptions can occur. It's a re-setting, a correction, which mythologist/astrologer John Lamb Lash of says is happening to the Earth herself. She is coming back into balance with the Galactic Center, where she herself originated.

Use this Full Moon to tune in to your inner navigational system, and be brave in making changes that keep you aligned with it. Get past OMG and WTF, to making a commitment to being present to this remarkable moment. At the Full Moon, in this brilliant air sign, see if you don't get a sweeping vision of what's possible. The infusion of energy and will power gives us staying power, and a sense of excitement in "Going for it!."

The Libra Full Moon can illuminate what It is, or throw light on the path ahead. Together with your alerted, vibrant Self, you're ready to make the most of opportunities as they appear, and as you imagine them.


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Full Moon in Libra
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