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 Trusting Primal Instincts

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PostSubject: Trusting Primal Instincts   Trusting Primal Instincts Icon_minitimeSat Apr 16, 2011 5:15 pm

Molly Hall
Trusting Primal Instincts
Saturday April 16, 2011

Trusting Primal Instincts 2wands

The chart for this weekend's Full Moon (Sunday, the 17th) looks like a cat's cradle pulled taut with runaway Aries (fire) pulling against reasonable Libra (air). Saturn is on the Libra side, saying "hold your horses, be fair, or wait for the right timing!" The Aries planets (Sun, Jupiter, Mercury Rx, Mars, Uranus), so physically igniting, answer with, "Eat my dust!"

This Two of Wands card, from the Crowley Deck, is an illustration of the stunning fire force going around now. Are you feeling it? Does it feel freeing? It's an energy that's very physical, and if it doesn't have anywhere to go, can implode. Are you answering the call with grand enough plans? It's the start of a new journey, and the balance (Saturn-Moon Libra) can be found by aligning it to a mission or life purpose.

Of all the elements, fire is the one I've had my toughest time with. If I don't handle it with extreme care, there's hell to pay. I learned at an early age to hold back my true thoughts and especially anger, and this led to a lot of dangerously compressed fire. My Saturn in Aries, in the first house (of appearance) puts all that locked up intensity right up there for all to see.

One phenomenon for me now, is pain in my jaw, that I know is old truths being broken up, for release. Some frozen bits are being thawed out, and I know it's all leading to greater freedom of expression. I had thought I had healed so much, and now see there's more! Where are the Aries planets riling you up (which house?)

Saturn gets a bad rap, but in Libra, here in opposition this weekend, it can be the voice of reason. It's a container for all this explosive energy. You can discern when it's wise to let it out, and when it's better to wait 'til you get home to let out your primal scream.

It also allows for quickly weighing your options, and sticking to your personal moral code. Saturn Libra helps you discern which ideas are timeless, and will endure, and which are just based on fear. With such volatile energies, there can be extremes, and lots of trial and error. We're in brand new territory now, finding balance as we go by trusting instincts that are stronger than ever.

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Trusting Primal Instincts
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