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 Venus & Mars = Natural Ecstasy

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Co-Conscious with Oneness

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PostSubject: Venus & Mars = Natural Ecstasy   Venus & Mars = Natural Ecstasy Icon_minitimeMon May 23, 2011 11:05 pm

Molly Hall
Venus & Mars = Natural Ecstasy
Monday May 23, 2011

Venus & Mars = Natural Ecstasy Girldfly

Life these days feels frantic and just a smidge whacked. See if you sense a deeper rhythm below the chaos this week. Take it easy. Slip into something more comfortable.

Venus and Mars, the love and desire duo, are conjunct at 8/9 degrees Taurus through mid-week, then travel close enough into June to let the contentment linger. Sights, smells, touch, taste, hearing -- make the most of these by feasting on what makes you happy or enchants your muse.

A seductive calm lures you in the sensual world. Sense memories are triggered, reminding you of other times of pure, simple pleasure. I have a weeks-old kitten and have found myself sitting on the ground more, seeing our patch of Earth from different angles. And experiencing big joy watching her smell, feel and even taste her way around the yard.

The Sun is in airy, multi-eyed Gemini, for seeing as if you have tens of thousands of lenses like the dragonfly. The Mars-Venus makes the universe of the natural more inviting. It's an ideal moment to find balance from the mental, synthetic or virtual, for more of the real thing, in the moment and with senses activated.

•Earth signs (Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo) are due for deepened love, divine inspiration, more flow with finances.
•Walk a trail, visit the nature center or botanical garden, go barefoot.

•Body work takes you to new levels of blissed-out.

•Deep satisfaction investing in what you love, building up the form.

•Venus in Taurus: (to June 10th) unhurried love, relaxed gatherings, celebrating beauty in nature, love of art and the artful, senses alive.

•Mars in Taurus: (to June 22nd) lusty, affectionate, strong-willed, the raw potency of the primal.

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Venus & Mars = Natural Ecstasy
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