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 Soul Searching with Venus

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Co-Conscious with Oneness

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PostSubject: Soul Searching with Venus    Fri Apr 08, 2011 10:17 pm

Molly Hall
Soul Searching with Venus
Thursday April 7, 2011

There are some startling bursts of energy many are feeling. The alertness to life itself, makes it a great moment to review what you love about life. Venus is the love planet, that reminds us why life is worth living. What's fun? What do you look forward to? If life has become too serious, survival-oriented, or overwhelming, it's time to remember Venus.

Since March 26th, Venus has been in mutable water sign Pisces, the last sign, for soulful expressions, and access to all the memories, serendipities, dreams of our many "lives." Venus Pisces reminds us of the many personas we've worn, and illusions/delusions we've fallen for. It hints at a mystery that defies wrangling into words. Some sense that we magnetize what we create in our lives, from signals sent out by the soul.

Norway's Per Henrik Gullfoss says Venus is magnetic -- it attracts and repels, what we want and don't want. But unlike the Moon's magnetic energy we are, Venus is magnetic energy we can use. "It is said that we should be careful with what we wish for, because we might just get it," he writes. Venus draws not through thoughts, says Gullfoss, which are Mercury's channel, but through our energetic field through our fear or our lust."

The urgent stellium in Aries, and Mercury's retrograde in this emphatic sign, can sharpen our sense of what we really might be something we've always really wanted. He writes, "The mind -- Mercury -- can help us become aware of our real Venusian lusts and longings, but you have to use the energetic field connected to the aura and body to make this effective."

By April 20th, Venus will be in Aries, for a wild tango with let's go Uranus on the 22nd. In the meantime, Venus and the Mercury Retrograde, can find us searching the soul for currents of meaning via "signs" that let us know the universe speaks to us constantly, and always has. It's a time for lifting out what has life, and relevance, for this moment in time.

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Soul Searching with Venus
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