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 How To Heal Yourself Permanently

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PostSubject: How To Heal Yourself Permanently   Tue May 17, 2011 3:32 pm

How To Heal Yourself Permanently
By Christine Hoeflich Christine Hoeflich

This week's article, "How To Heal Yourself Permanently" is inspired by recent channeled information from the "group soul" Ra'An, channeled through Terry Brown. (Terry Brown has for years been working with Wynn Free, who is the co-author of the book The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce.) I have intuitively known what it takes in order to heal yourself permanently (and how it's connected to 2012, and that in fact, it is synonymous with the 2012 ascension in consciousness), but Ra'An had stated it pretty clearly in a channeling last month--which I share in my newest article. I am reminded of what the Counsel of Light had told me years ago, "When you learn what you came here to learn, the teaching stops."

Since around 2005 I have understood from personal experience that in order to heal yourself permanently of a particular condition, a change in your consciousness is required, including the subsequent changes in your behavior as a result of that change in consciousness. In other words, raising your consciousness is what heals. (Some people say that raising your "vibration" is what heals, but to get real, raising your consciousness is how you raise your vibration.)

In early 2006, I remember attending a spiritual workshop where many healers were present in the audience. Some healers practiced Reiki, or worked with crystals, or offered other modalities of alternative healing. I remember thinking to myself, I'm a healer, too, but not that kind of healer. I don't work with the body or with things; I heal with new ideas and with higher-level understandings about life on Earth and humanity's journey.

I also clearly remember what I "heard" my higher self say in response to the healers in that workshop: "It's only when your consciousness is expanded and your beliefs are healed such that your behavior changes that your body will be permanently healed."

I knew that positive results are available to those who employ the services of healers, but unless the person's consciousness was shifted and he or she was consciously aware of this shift such that this new consciousness showed up in his or her behavior, the results would not be permanent.

Some people might now be thinking, Bummer! Do you mean a few sessions with a Reiki or hands-on alternative-type healer will probably not heal me? Why does this life have to be so hard?

I am not saying that a few sessions with an alternative healer will not make a difference. It can make a big difference. What I'm saying is unless you transform your beliefs and change the behavior that got you unwell in the first place, your condition will return after some time (if you're alive long enough). To heal yourself permanently, a raising of consciousness is required and a subsequent change in behavior.

Anyway, all this was clear to me, but it wasn't until just recently that these ideas were confirmed in a channeled message of a group entity named Ra'An, channeled by medium Terry Brown and coordinated through Wynn Free.

On April 11, 2011, Wynn Free relayed a question to Ra'An, asked by a lady who owned a "healing machine" named Tricinity 8. The healing machine allegedly transmits energy via crystal wands. She wanted to know how weight loss can be promoted with the machine. Wynn asked Ra'An, "Is it about first changing our perception of ourselves and then our body catches up?"

Ra'An responded that unless the individual changed their orientation, he or she would recreate the problem.

Wynn asked Ra'An what they meant by "orientation."

Ra'An responded," For instance, if a person was eating obsessively and they were on the machine, the machine could help them lose some weight but their obsession will again build up the weight."

The very next question asked of Ra'An by another listener confirmed my suspicions about what is required for permanent healing. A listener named Tony asked how one can tell if one's DNA strand is activated.

Ra'An responded, "There are other factors besides DNA...If an individual has an orientation or belief system that keeps them from fulfillment, it will disrupt their DNA...Part of the condition for it being right is that the belief system allows the resonance of the DNA to be right."

What I understand from Ra'An's response to Tony's question is this: So what if you had your DNA "activated." If raising your consciousness (through integrating with your higher self) is not what activated your DNA, if your belief system keeps you from fulfillment (from fulfilling your higher self's purpose), any so-called activation is only temporary.

In order for a condition to be healed permanently, the orientation of the individual (i.e. the beliefs, attitudes, and subsequent behaviors around that condition) need to be transformed. The individual's consciousness needs to be transformed--which is accomplished by reconnecting to and integrating with your higher self. Healing machines, DNA "activations" and other such things are at best temporary fixes--unless your consciousness is also transformed.

I believe we came to this planet to learn certain important things. Sometimes a condition you suffer from is exactly what you need to help you discover some amazing things that you are to contribute to the world. But you won't heal and you won't discover what that is--unless you do some deep work on your belief systems. Letting go of your most cherished beliefs may be a very difficult thing to do, but it's part of the 2012 evolution, transformation, and ascension agenda.

In summary, much alternative "healing work" and healing machines are similar to pharmaceutical pills in that they are only temporary fixes. In order to heal yourself permanently, your consciousness needs to be transformed. Your "orientation": your beliefs, attitudes and behaviors need to be transformed. The way to do this is to reconnect to and integrate with your higher self.

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PostSubject: Re: How To Heal Yourself Permanently   Tue May 17, 2011 5:25 pm

Interesting. I've long been un-attached to any particular belief or "belief system". To me, it's absolutely imperative that I stay open to new ideas and willing to discard current "beliefs" if new information proves them incorrect. I've turned my worldview over -- or had it turned over -- several times, and, with practice, it really isn't uncomfortable. More like "liberating" and "refreshing"! Maybe it's easy for me because I have such a respect for and love of Truth that all else seems unimportant by comparison.
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How To Heal Yourself Permanently
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