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 Sun Gemini -- Pop the Filter Bubbles!

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PostSubject: Sun Gemini -- Pop the Filter Bubbles!   Sat May 21, 2011 10:51 pm

Molly Hall
Sun Gemini -- Pop the Filter Bubbles!
Saturday May 21, 2011

Weeeee, swirl it up, play with reality, and bust up what's stuck.... Sun into Gemini today and a break from what's deadly serious or stagnating in recycled air (ideas).

Gemini is about sampling a piece here and a piece there from the all-you-can-eat idea buffet. The fast, collecting mercurial Gemini casts the widest net possible, so new ideas flow into the mix. How serendipitous to find this short Ted talk today by Internet pioneer Eli Pariser called, Beware of Online Filter Bubbles.

For free-thinkers, this is a shocking discovery -- Internet "gatekeepers" like Facebook and Google are tailoring your info, and in doing so, keeping you in a bubble of the same air (ideas). Pariser calls it your universe of information, only, he says, "you don't see what gets edited out, you don't decide what gets in."

Pariser points out that if you don't click on your "conservative" friends links, they stop showing up in your feed. And two people don't get the same results, when they search for a keyword like Egypt. And how about this stunner from Eric Schmidt of Google, who says, "It will be very hard for people to watch or consume something that has not in some sense been tailored for them."

I see many dangers of having a tailored bubble. One, which Pariser points out, is isolation, rather than connection. And being in your own world, which without fresh perspectives, can grow delusional, one-sided, stunted mentally. Early Sunday (3:31 am est), there's a Sun (Gemini) square to Neptune (Pisces), for mind-expansion through the imagination. A dark expression here could be tricks that defy logic, and deception, mass delusions.

So let the Sun shine in, with the new mental curiosity that Gemini brings. Being able to connect the dots, shake them up like Yatzee letters, and toss them out, see what you get -- this is the magic of Gemini. If you sense you're in any kind of bubble, pop it! The vital Sun in Gemini energizes us all to feel freer to see/hear/experience life in all its shades and stripes.

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PostSubject: Re: Sun Gemini -- Pop the Filter Bubbles!   Sun May 22, 2011 4:57 am

Nice article! BTW, I have technological "pins" to pop those filter bubbles, if anyone seriously wants them.
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Sun Gemini -- Pop the Filter Bubbles!
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