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 Gemini New Moon & Magic

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PostSubject: Gemini New Moon & Magic   Gemini New Moon & Magic Icon_minitimeTue May 31, 2011 12:35 pm

Molly Hall
Gemini New Moon & Magic
Monday May 30, 2011

Gemini New Moon & Magic Meerkats

My top fascination is this thing called consciousness and the speedy changes happening, that alter the experience of life itself. I want to be awake to what's possible. And if it's true, we're each both the dreamer and the dream, I'd like to have more fun with the dream, be braver, and more powerful.

There are a few areas where I'd like to walk my talk more. And I know the answer lies in being able to set an intention, and match my "vibe" and how I'm living, to it. When the goals don't stick, there's some kind of mismatch there, or I haven't really charged the intent.

Astrology is the study of light and its frequency, patterns and cycles. In this video, shared by artist/astrologer Edmond Wollman, the channel Bashar answers a key question, and that's "what is the medium of vibration or frequency?"

Bashar answers that it's consciousness itself that's creating the energy, in the matrix of energy. Bashar says, "Consciousness in that sense knows itself, and in reflecting upon itself, in a sense, a Vesica Piscis is created. In that intersection, is created a different density, energy, and what you call vibration. It represents the intention of the consciousness reflecting upon itself."

The Gemini New Moon (Wednesday, June 1st) with a partial solar eclipse, is an exciting game changer. The cardinal t-square adds a sense of urgency, and impulse to initiate. The luminaries in Gemini, with a solar eclipse, puts the focus on the mental sphere, and beliefs about what's possible. It's a time to claim more of the power to make magic, "changing consciousness at will" (from Dion Fortune's definition).

As more people realize that consensus reality doesn't match real life, each takes back the power to create their own running commentary. Gemini is a sign of curious observation, casting a wide net, and hitting that magic button that mixes it all into meaning. It's gift is synthesizing fragments, polarized thoughts, random hits, and changing them beyond all recognition -- the old pieces become a new mosaic.

These meerkats remind me of play, and that this adventure of life is never boring when it's constantly changing forms. And that as the perceivers, we are actors (not just reactors) in this drama. Also, that no two people experience life the same way. Gemini is a sign that celebrates that wild fact, and uses it to keep a light hold on attitudes, ideas.

At the Dark Moon, leading to the New Moon crescent (powerful for three days after), we're closer to the internal voids, where things first start as thoughts (or consciousness). This is where we can charge that Vesica Piscis, with whatever we're wanting to bring forth. And the surrender part, is letting go, so barriers to matching to that particular vibe can be worked on by the divine.

This feels like a biggie for me, since it is exact my Moon Gemini at 11 degrees, and square Pluto-Uranus. Part of the preparation for me is resisting the temptation to fill the void with chatter, distractions, "research" or other people's ideas. What does this scramble in your chart? What planets or houses are visited by the magician this week? This is a potential area, to experience altered states or breakthrough. Take time to calm yourself, and clear your receptors, to "hear" all the frequencies. I hope you have a magical week!


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PostSubject: Re: Gemini New Moon & Magic   Gemini New Moon & Magic Icon_minitimeWed Jun 01, 2011 5:33 am

Magic, I love that!
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Gemini New Moon & Magic
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