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 Dreaming a New Dream

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PostSubject: Dreaming a New Dream   Dreaming a New Dream Icon_minitimeWed May 25, 2011 5:01 pm

Molly Hall
Dreaming a New Dream
Wednesday May 25, 2011

We're deep in it, under a Pisces Moon. A day to be with your muse, get closer to what makes life worth living. Sweet song sextiles from the dreamy Moon Pisces to planets in Taurus (Mars-Venus and Mercury) romance out the enchantment found through the physical senses.

Often that means getting out from under the weight of our own ideas about what we should be doing. Yesterday, I tuned into a favorite visionary, the British knowledge seeker Neil Kramer, who talked about the Void and the Ultrasoup. He talked about the loss of the old jobs, and that in many cases, it's good riddance -- they were soul sucking, demeaning and joyless. And that now is the time to reinvent what it means to make a living. Instead of more "jobs," he says, we need more play, more connection with each other, a way to come alive again.

And for more on finding your way in a time of collapse:

•"Find your love and turn it into a vocation. Now is the time. The way of the future is as the entrepreneur or subcontractor, not the employee." From spiritual astrologer, writer/Sacred Sound Musician Craig Howell: Have No Fear, Pluto Is Here:

Spiritual Astrology for the Recession

Can following your bliss really be a viable path now? The Pisces Moon and ongoing Neptunian currents (with Chiron the healer) pour more of the soulful and imaginative into our lives. The impressions from dreams, or cultivating a quiet intimacy with yourself closes that gap between who we are deep down, and our outer lives. From this and being alert to serendipity, we find a new compass for the path, including how to "make a living."

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Dreaming a New Dream
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